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Oh Christmas Time…#Poem#Poetry#Prose

Oh Christmas Time


Oh Christmas time,

what joy be had.

When places known,

in plastic clad.


Arrows are placed,

as Santa’s lure,

Blinking, pointing,

to darkened door.


Corner turned,

I’m face to face.

In grinning Santa’s,

dead eyed space.


Rudolph floats

with ethereal look.

Thought Halloween,

was fears right hook.


They should not be,

we’ve had no snow.

But snowmen move,

and snowmen glow.


We happy told,

this season be.

So fake emotions,

as we fake tree.


And remember,

right present get.

Got no money?

Then he’s some debt.


Oh Christmas time,

for some a struggle.

It’s all too much,

it’s all a muddle.


So feeling anxious?

or feeling Low?

Don’t grip at mask,

just let it go.


Seek some help,

with someone talk.

Before you take,

the sombre walk.


Past light that flash,

from all things drape.

This winter,











Panic when the pens not here,

Tis what all the writers fear.

When idea comes to mind,

Grab ones notebook look and find.

Has pen in holder,



Reflections 2018 w48

Can writing be away to get rid of things that plague the mind? Even those we do not know are there.

Since writing poetry, as part go my self improvement, a note book and pen have always travelled with me, for those times one requires a distraction for my anxiety. I just need to find a place to sit and write – even if that is what I am currently thinking – literally anything will be written down. Sometimes it is like removing a blockage and a poem flows out.

Sometimes the shadows move to the fore and grab my attention, but with a sharp pointy object already in hand, they seem to be dealt with easier than when without.

But occasionally something comes from nowhere, gets written down and then disappears. With no indication that it was ever there – apart from the words written down.

Now many years ago I was told to keep a daily journal, to be honest it was never kept on. I was never told the purpose or point of it, and I still do not understand what use one is. But writing stories and poetry has me recording for a reason, a purpose. And taking notes has a point.

Taking notes did not come easily, for at the start, one was told what the theme for the next weeks poem would be. So ideas went into the book for that theme. Only becoming more diverse when the poetry bug had taken a hold and I was writing more than what was required by group.

Now if one has a journal like entry it is solely to get past a writing block. And will be kept for a future poem idea.

So when the bolt out of the blue comes, gets acknowledged, written down, there is a feeling of relief, that follows it; it does make me wonder –

how long has that been there?

Yo-Yo life…#Poetry#Poem#Prose

Yo-Yo Life


I live life

Yo-Yo style.


Down I go,

maybe up.


Not return,

to the start.


Have not skill,

but have heart.


Try and try,

walk the dog.


Sideward spin,

bird nest string.


Cradle rock,

fail that too.


Keep on trying,

what else to do?


Gave up before,

but still I’m here.


Untangle nest.

Reset the string.







A § M  16/11/2018


B-WELL Poster 2…#Poetry#Poem#Prose

Oneself – it starts with a simple seed 

However, not all journey well.


Some are shelved,

and gather dust. 


Locked away 

in cage of rust 


Shaped by others, 

not treated well. 


But tis a tree, 

no one can fell.


A group you find, 

where nurture taught.


A place to heal, 

a place for thought.


The tree grows strong, 

n’ fruit will flourish.


When shares oneself, 

each other nourish.


If self cared for, 

reserves are built.


To cope with life, 

when at full tilt.


Find simple things 

can set you free.


Within B-WELL – community .

The B-WELL Poster number 2

This was a commission of sorts, having liked my previous painting I did for the group, and my creation of the B-WELL people for my version of the Blobby Tree, I nearly always draw my own character because I do not relate that much to the trees pose/setting/action, so it was a natural step for my humour to take, they asked me to if I could do a painting of the ‘journey’ based on that – either as one painting or several.

By eck that was a long sentence.

One explained that that was not what the tree picture was supposed to represent, but I would have a think about it and what, if anything, I could do.

The first stage was to write down the journey, both taken and wished to take. Above all else it was to be positive, I can slant toward the negative, and even if part of the journey has been negative – the positive should be sought.

Armed with a bunch of statements on my pad, the shuffling commenced.

Left, Right, Left, Right, Keep in step, order followed.

Pattern formed, then came a poem.

Rough at first, but still it came. AhHa! My painting is just a background for the poem. Simple.

The poem gets worked on some more…Poem done. Along with some doodles.

Doodles that match the poem segment…Each segment started to have its own picture.

Oh no! What have I done? The poem has 13 segments.

One thinks at this point it should be mentioned there was only 5 weeks left before it was needed, and one of those weeks I was away. And the poem had taken a week and a half to do, well stop tweaking.

Only one thing for it…A calculator and a long canvas. This is what I ended up with…


It took many a shuffle to get the pattern right, and then the script at the right size,  before the artwork was even sized around the script. All done on separate paper then transferred onto the canvas, ready for printing.

I ended up pleased with the result, and so was everyone else, some strange reactions were had, or was it strange people having reactions? One is not sure, never have I had an itchy nose as a reaction.

The final picture is here.

Reflections 2018 w46

Well this one does not normally do. Reflections on a Friday night?? Unheard of.

However, today I did not have to push my neighbour or the trolley around the supermarket, and once more did my normal routine of sitting by the tills waiting until they finished shopping, note book in hand.

But it has been a while since I last wrote anything not project related, so I blanked.

One has used the technique of just writing anything before, with some degree of success, but after a page that started with…

‘I haven’t wrote a poem for an age – this is being wrote just to get me into the idea of writing in the supermarket again.’

Out flowed a poem/prose that even after typing it onto the computer, is complete, finished. Scheduled release is Thursday.

Normally one has to tweak before publishing, but not this one.

So, if you ever have writers block – try writing everything that comes into your head until it has enough of being mocked and starts working on the task you want.

You never know…

The results may surprise you.