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Monthly Archives: April 2019

Reflections 2019 w16

Well one did not know what one was going to write this week until trying to follow my normal path to this blog. WordPress have apparently altered the set up.

Now I am not anti change, but one does wonder why change happens for no apparent reason.

So far, it looks like an extra step to take, with no benefit to be gained. In fact it was several steps, as I originally thought it was a glitch and retried the step. Then went through another step, and another. No clue as to why the change has taken place.

It always confuses me as to why unnecessary steps are put in place, as I believe the usual response from users is to change to a simpler system or platform, if there is a rival. And thats people who are techies. Confusion sets in for the learners.

Will it be a help or a hindrance. We will see.


RefLectins 2019 w15

have you ever had one of those feelings you have not done something, but it never clicks until way later. This is one of those times.

I could have sworn that last weeks blog was done this weekend, this year is zooming past.

The fox has been done and awaits my uncles approval, and surprise as I have not stated it has been done, or worked on since Christmas.

I am also looking at it, in its multi colour fabrics, and thinking I could simplify the pattern more. I know it’s going to keep on altering. Pattern making for a stuffed item is different to pattern making for a puppet skin as it needs to create the form rather than drape the form. But I’m getting there.

Oh and one little ranty question…

Why do computers need to have bank holidays off? It’s caused no end of pain in the butt shuffling funds around because the standing order had not gone through on Friday when I went to pay for an item. Grrrr.


A play at the New Victoria Theatre, one I have just watched,

I think it is set in the 1700’s, so five to six lifetimes ago. It could have been my great, great, great, great grandparents working and living in those conditions. And this is what makes the theatre so different than the cinema, the subject material.

Plays can be watched without knowing what the subject matter is before going, some are funny, some sad, some political, some adapted from stories known, with a little twist or two, and then there are some that get you to reflect on what we have now. This is one of those plays.

I have seen plays based on the celts, living off the land, grass for a mattress and stars for a roof. Plays about a time of the war, of shortage, separation and loss. Of social struggles and of political struggles to improve the working or living conditions of the working class. And it is there, played out before your very eyes, close enough to touch it. The emotions of the actors played out through the tone of voice and posturing, no post production tweaks, it’s there, it’s raw. And no play is the same, because they all want a different story to tell; or a different viewpoint to share.

Tonight’s play left me thinking at how far we have come as a people in such short a time, but at what cost?

At what point did civilisation create slums?

When did we think it was acceptable to have people living in such poor conditions, making living a time of survival because of what money your parents had? No fear of predators to hunt you down, but a fear of the water from well down the street and the diseases it harboured. A hunger that could not be fed by finding and hunting for food, because the landscape was no longer the hunter gatherers hills and plains of the people, rather the land of the few.

When did people become less-than? And less well-off  than those that wore the furs of the animals they ate, and drank from water of streams, unpolluted by industry, homes made out of stones and straw?

At some point we as a people accepted, that for some, this would be a step up in living standards, but had it accepted as being more civilised than the savages before.

And we are only six lifetimes away from that. And yet for some we have not moved from it at all.

Reflections 2019 w14

It is time to start marking out the pattern for the fox door stop, but due to confusion last time on the left side/right side marking out, which was only discovered at the time of sewing, I have started redrawing the pattern.

This time colour coded and twin sets, left and right.

Also added on is the colour it is going to be, and a pattern sheet created in order to follow. I rearranged the construction order last time and found it easier.

But me being me, I have also changed the pattern slightly, as when the dummy was created from the old pattern one disliked some parts. So another dummy section or two to make, to see if the alterations work.

One is not frustrated at this part of the process, as I am still learning about darts and pattern shapes that, when sewn, create forms. One is also thinking of going the charity shops to get teddy bears. Although I am not sure what my nephew would think if he sneaked into my room, or what my son would think when he came to stay, me having a collection of teddy’s.

It’s one thing to create a creature/puppet, it’s quite something else to dissect a teddy and have its limbs plucked off and face pulled apart and spread over a sheet of paper, its stuffing filling bags at the side.

No, one imagines that would be quite brutal in a child’s eyes.

Reflections 2019 w13

Today was a first.

My first Pirozhki. If you ever wondered what a Cornish pastie would be like in another country, this is one version. I had it cold and it was nice, but my brain was constantly thinking…God this would be gorgeous freshly cooked and out of the oven.

Beef, onion, cabbage and potatoes all wrapped in a bread shell, see Di – a lobby sandwich (an in joke for my sister), instead of a pastry case. Golden in colour, it just looked delicious, and I knew what I was having for dinner. No taster needed.

I have looked up a couple of recipes to find out how they are done, and I have found one done in a frying pan. My brain is now going along the lines of camping – can this be done on a Trangia? mmmmmm. I see experimentation in the future.

On other news the shed has been moved from one end of the plot to the other, with the help of my brother, and we will put on the felt tomorrow. 3 more mauls and the plot is just planting and paths, which can be done over the year.

I know I’ve overdone it today as all my nerves are tingling, even with extra pain meds it still feels like an army of ants are under my skin. But one can rest a little next week. The course work has been done, the shed will have been done, and the sewing projects will be started, the fox first I think, now that I have my two tones of fleece. I have several tones that would not work, one was an unseen replacement that is of such a bright orange it gave me the idea of doing a Nemo fish puppet.

My sons Happy memory stuffed toy, based on the opposite of the worry monsters, of his design will follow these projects. It is going to be interesting at least, and will include my first attempt of including a zipper and a liner pocket into sewing machine project. He believes I will be able to do it, so much so he has a non opening zipper for an eye as well. The optimism of a seven year old, and the challenge of turning his 3d object drawn in 2d into a 3d stuffed animal.

At least all patterns start with modelling clay.