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Monthly Archives: October 2018

Reflections 2018 w43

It’s been yet another cold week at shell island, except for the last hour.
Spot and myself have just been watching the end of the camping season firework finale, in the car with the heater on, now neither of us want to go outside, back into the cold.
As usual the firework display was worth watching, a good mix of piazza over boom, though some did reverberate through the car.
Spot as always was great, this has been a way of ldesensitising her to fireworks. Now when she hears then at home she hardly takes note.

Now to make my way through the smoke, creeping its way across the island like a sinister swirling grey fog hiding the cold.

I have to; I need a pee.

Reflections 2018 W42

Why is there a big push on Christmas? Birthday cards have been put into storage for the Christmas cards, decorations are mixed in with Halloween bits and pieces, but were out before the bonfire night fireworks, Homebase had Christmas music playing alongside the trees for sale on Thursday, and yesterday I passed a 30ft inflatable Santa.

As if the year does not feel short enough already. I bet in December Facebook will have the usual troll posts about not being able to celebrate Christmas; again. I think in the last days before Christmas I am going into Clinton’s cards and asking for the Easter card selection and Easter eggs. I recon I could complain if they don’t have them in, replacing the seasonal event of the time.

We seem to spend 3/4 of the year fixated on one day, one consumer based day, and if we dare say anything about it because we’re sick of it, were just miserable – and should get into the spirit of Christmas.

Well maybe I would…

If Christmas was at Christmas, and did not take longer to get rid of than a case of the clap.

I’m not anti Christmas, I’m just fed up of it; already.

Reflections 2018 w41

Version 2

Fluffy has a name, and even though my first attempt at making a puppet was a little off (character), my son’s smile at being given the chance to name and take him home says his eyes saw none of the imperfections. He has been warned not to brush or comb fluffy without a lint roller present, I even hoovered him, but still he sheds.

Now that this project has been done, a commissioned, one thinks it would still be called this if they just supply the canvas, not sure, but the premise is the same, piece of artwork is to be done next.

This is another piece for the B-WELL group, but after hearing what they wanted/thought I was doing it became apparent they were not the same. But one said I would sketch an idea or two and see what I came up with.

Several sketches later an idea was formed and the artworks concept was born.

It has been worked on several more times now, but tomorrow it gets started, with a now narrow window to complete….No pressure.

Just to throw a spanner in the mix one is doing a style that has previously never been attempted by myself. Well not since Junior school…A long, long, time ago.

Should be interesting.

Reflections 2018 w40

It is late so this is going to be a short one.

I have finished sewing my first puppet, all I have to do is place on the eyes when they arrive and it is all done. It has its faults, but I am rather happy with it; after all it was a learning process with some of the equipment as well as the sewing.

I now understand why the fur puppets have the fleece hands, they were a pain to turn inside out, plus in the end the fingers were cut off the foam because one could not get them into the sewn fur hands, fleece has some stretch in it.

The next project is going to dye the fleece I have bought, I could only get white locally, to a colour I think the muppet puppet will look best in. The fur was general fabric fur, here in the uk at least it seems hard to get puppet fleece/fur, once I have more experience I can order from America, I will also have a better Idea as to how many puppets per meter one can get out of the material. One has a couple of interested people who want to buy. It is always nice when a hobby pays the hobbies expenses.

One thing that one wishes one knew before embarking on the fur puppets project, is a simple but effective piece of information. Luckily I already had this piece of equipment.

You will when combing and/or cutting fur, become rather close to a lint roller. Fur, like sand on a beach, gets everywhere, and clings to all manner of clothing. Any one who knows my sisters dog knows how he can at times lie down only to leave a fur coat on the floor when getting up and moving, it looked like we had a visit from his ginger cousin.

If I had not had a lint roller I would have a hell of a job getting the fur off.



Onto the next project…

Another piece of artwork for B-WELL, I have an idea for it, but not for its layout as of yet.

My Writing Kiln Potteries Prize Entery 2018

He Comes

I can hear him downstairs rummaging, searching. It was only a matter of time before he came after me, and now he’s here, going through the house.

I had time to hide, to get into this dark, small, space. The door to the loft is hidden on the inside of my built-in-wardrobe. The smell of the mothballs mixes with the musty air held within. I dare not use my torch for comfort, for fear the light will give me away, so I sit here as he searches, not daring to move, my eyes, tightly shut.

He calls up the stairs, telling me he is coming, taunting; why does he taunt? 

A stair creaks, with it I know he is near the top. My heart is beating against my ribs, thumping so hard I think he will surely hear it, my back presses more against the corner of the walls in a desperate attempt to get further away. He doesn’t know about this place, he can’t know about it, how could he know? 

I’m safe here, as long as I remain silent.

My heart races, the squeak of the door handle now a shrill as its turned; he’s here! I can hear him moving around the room, his footsteps getting louder as he gets closer. The wardrobe door quickly opens, my breathing stops as he scrapes the rails moving the clothing across, my eyes scrunch painfully closed. 

Boo! I found you, your turn to count… “One…Two…Three…Four…”