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Monthly Archives: November 2019

Reflections 2019 w45

It’s going to be another short blog again, eyes are closing and the room is swirling. Time for sleep one thinks.

The picture I have been doing for a friend is now done, though I will have to pass it onto her mum as she is not at group tomorrow. It is the plan B version of my idea, but I think she will like it.

As for the allotment, work continues at a winter slow pace, having to be off the plot at dusk means rain laden clouds can end work at 15:00hrs, not much time to play with in an afternoon.

However the leaf mould area has been extended and last years leaves are now in the Dalek bins for the final process. The open sided cage has done the job of exposing the leaves to the elements this year and 50 bin bags just fill one Dalek. This years leaves are having to be collected wet, as that is all the weather we are having at the moment, current count is at 40 bin bags. One should match last years amount, 50, by Wednesday, hopefully the weather will at least stay dry so more can be loaded into the car.

!00 bin bags was the target for this year. Will I do it? And will the weather stay dry enough to paint the shed?

I doubt it, that is why a tarp has been place over the first end to be painted to give it some cover. I will not be a great painting job, but it will help the shed over this winter. Bit by bit the plot is nearing the end of the building site era.

Reflections 2019 w44

The greenhouse is finished, and, after a lousy start, the replacement pains were cut.

Now anyone that has had the displeasure to have to cut used greenhouse glass will know, the normal technique that we are all taught on how to cut glass, has a high failure rate. that method being…Score, press down over a table edge where the score line is. You just end up hoping that the break is veered off to the waste side of the cut, so the glass can be nibbled away to the line.

This apparently is because the used glass has altered its structure over time, and now has micro cracks in it.

But this technique works..

I could tell you the technique, but I prefer that this chap gets the credit.

I went from 100% fail rate to 100% success on my first attempt of this method and techniques. Along with an oil filled glass cutter for £3.50.

If you ever need to cut second hand glass, give this video a  watch.

Reflections 2019 w43

It’s another allotment update this week.

The greenhouse has a new seals and a roof with one wall. One forgot how heavy glass gets when you move it around, especially overhead. So after finishing the roof, and numb arms, my lower back decided to join in the fun, one or both, of my lower back disc bulges have flared up, pinching a nerve or two.

I worked on a current art project whilst immobilised but I have to get the greenhouse finished before the winter weather halts play. So I went up today and did a side on it. One now knows about it. But it’s the wrong time of year to have a bad back. apart from the greenhouse.

Leaves have to be collected, lots of leaves. The aim for this year is a 100 bin bags worth. Last year I collected 50 and ran out a couple off months ago but have created much more space for them this year. I plan to be using free compost on all no dig beds next October.

On a plus note the onions are just starting to sprout, and a couple of garlic. The peas are being attacked by pigeons.

I’m working on that, but the greenhouse first.