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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Unstable tower?

canstockphoto8630797Jenga, the wooden tower of blocks, a game for the young, a game for the adults, a game for the drinkers and an analogy of ones mind.

An analogy I have used more than once to try to understand what I cannot and one I have used to elevate the blame from people from the past. I do not see the point of them wondering if they played a part in my ‘breakdown’.

Here’s how I use it:-

All minds start off as a solid block tower, straight and true.

Then our minds are shaped by us and those around us.

Blocks are pulled or pushed out, teased or eased and placed on top.

The tower grows whilst taking an individual shape.

Some blocks are moved by the removal of others, some make the tower lean left, right, forward or backward or any combination thereof.

Jenga of life.

Some people add blocks to fill the gaps, as we all can do, and some of us try to spread out the blocks we were given at the start, reasons why are as varied as the individuals who do it.

By adding the blocks the structure can take knocks and stand firm.

By spreading the blocks thin even the lightest of knocks can shift the structures balance.

If on top of this, if a block is placed at the wrong place, the balance can be placed to the very tipping point. Only a counter block will stabilise the tower. Another block badly placed causes the towers collapse.

Now it could be said that the last couple of blocks were the reason for the towers failure, but that would be incorrect. If that were so just the last couple of blocks would fall away and the tower left standing. For a tower to collapse the structure was weakened over time by the way it was built/shaped.

My tower collapsed, I spent that much time building it for others I forgot to build it for myself. I was never shown how to build my Jenga  of life strong and too low a self esteem stopped me asking for help. Knock after knock and badly placed blocks proved too much.

Some blocks are damaged and need replacing, some just repairing, some seem to have come from someone else set and some are new.

I am a child; with a set of blocks in front of me. Building a tower.

My Tower.

JENGA® is a registered trademark owned by Pokonobe Associates. 

I have No association to this company. 

Nor do I guarantee how many hours of fun you will have playing this game.

I don’t know your friends.