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Reflections…Week Thirty

canstockphoto8630797I’m getting a Ukulele!

I had to sell my Seagull Merlin to afford it, but then I never got around to playing it anyway. It didn’t help that I didn’t know anyone else who had one.

The Jam factory, music therapy, has people that can teach me how to play the Ukulele, picking style, as the biggest hurdle I have had is not hearing the tone of a strum but rather all the notes of a strum, dependant upon the number of strings. So the idea is to utilise what my brain is trying to do and keep the notes separate and pick them individually. Maybe the tone will come later.

Originally the Ukulele was a no go, I grew up with the old films on a Black and White TV and the ones I was allowed to watch starred Laurel and Hardy, Charlie Chaplin and George Formby, whom I didn’t find funny. I was drawn more to the Marx Brothers, Abbot and Castello, and the Three Stooges, these were deemed unfunny and off the watch list when supervised. Too be honest I know that George Formby is classed as a genius on the Ukulele, but it is the Banjo Ukulele/Soprano sound coupled with his voice that, well, turned me against the idea of playing one.

Twas by chance that I came across a review for a Clearwater Roundback Baritone Ukulele that got me curious, my Youtube recommended idea formula is worn out and struggling to find me new suggestions,  so I just pressed play on random this odd pick, not really paying it my full attention.

The sound from this instrument was not what my mind recalled, the Soprano size is more akin to my memory, but there are very few videos for the Clearwater Roundbacks – period. However there was a video of the Concert size, and this is what I am getting.

I’m not really musically minded, it has become more a tool post ‘breakdown’, a way to cope with background noise. And the playing is also a tool in a way, trying to engage and exorcise a different area of the mind. No wonder I find it difficult.

One tune I won’t be playing on it is probably the one that is going to get mentioned the most – when I’m cleaning windows.

It still gives me the chills…

Reflections …Week Twenty Nine

canstockphoto8630797There was a plan for this week, a goal was set…It was not even close to being done.

Severe Laryngitis one did awake with , if one could call it that, throughout Monday. It knocked me sideways, I felt as though for some insane reason one had been sliding down the stairs – minus the sledge, head first, repeatedly. With banging head and swirling brain, throat swollen and on fire the trio was completed with a fever and then chills, bed covers on, bed covers off, comfortable was not an option.  Whenever my eyelids did part open – the brightness was but stabs of pain, even vampires have more tolerance to sunlight than what I had.

Four hours one saw of that day, two cuppa soups and a few honey and lemon drinks and not much water, I got in as much as one could, but nowhere near enough that was needed. Tuesday faired not much better. By Wednesday I just wanted to get out of the house for a little bit, so went up the allotment to pick beans. Made the world of difference, I came back tired but refreshed.

The antibiotics have started to kick in now, but I still feel drained.

The plan this week?

The same as last, with an added bonus of putting things onto Ebay. There are things that one wants, but first have to get the funds, and make the space for.

Without ‘Monster’…#poem#poetry

With my headphones on,
and the iPod charged.
I check in my wallet,
for my list prepared.

Music then selected,
a fast beat is the track.
This time I remembered,
spare bags in my backpack.

Trolley coin inserted,
fasten wont let go.
People now glance over,
putting on a show.

Trolleys they do clatter,
chain it makes us stop.
If released by magic,
I can start my shop.

I don’t want to be here,
So I will go round fast.
Memorised where items live,
so grab em on way past.

Why do people stand right there?
Block the isle and chat.
Don’t they have a cafe here?
Thats the place for that.

Would I like to go on past?
Why yes I think I would.
Why are you even asking me?
I’d pass you if I could.

I’ve done my shopping quickly,
I’m almost through the till.
Payment process just as quick,
card tap pays the bill.

Another shopping trip complete,
another trial is passed.
It never used to be this way,
twas simpler in the past.

But now my mind plays tricks with me,
and alters my perception.
Puts a danger everywhere,
I know not what’s deception.

So if you see me fly on by,
like if I’m on a slalom.
I do it not to be “How rude”
Bad day, I beg your pardon.

Poem 1 of 2
A § M

Reflections…Week Twenty Six

canstockphoto8630797There has been no poem published this week, not because one has failed to write one, truth be told I have done two, but because one was written for a competition and I have been told to enter the second when the category allows it.

The competition I wrote the first for was closed before I finished it, one gets confused with the way dates are backwards in the states. It could have been entered late; at a cost, but it will be kept until the next free one comes around.

What I found bewildering was the rules, the poem had to unpublished, including blog site, not entered into any other competition at the same time, and not a previous winner of a competition, all fair enough. However the closing date was for the end of June and the draw date the end of August, this year, but the poem had to abide by the unpublished rule until the end of March next year??? Whats that all about?

No publishing deal was on the cards for the winner, just a $100, so why the seven month after ban? Could you technically win and five months later be disqualified if you posted it on your blog? What do they do with it in those seven months? And if you don’t win are you still bound by the time period?

It could have been a one off, rules that where over cautious to that site, but it’s not. Even my local library has similar rules for a writing competition its holding. That one is for a short story, 350 words I think, one is entering, it will at least be a challenge to get exactly 350 words, let alone a beginning, middle and an end.

But I am going to have to also write, as a side note, the dates they have to be hidden until.

It makes no sense to me.

Living life by Loving Yourself- A guide to “SELF LOVE”

Living life by Loving Yourself- A guide to “SELF LOVE”


Everyone in this world gets upset when others criticize them. Everyone is feeling demotivated in different fields of life. All this comes by “Not Knowing Yourself” as well as by “Not Loving Yourself”. By being aware of your capabilities and qualities, you can bring happiness and love in you life. “SELF LOVE” is the door to happiness so just welcome it in your life.


Before making the entrance of Self-Love in your life, you must be aware of  how you think about yourself on the physical and inner level.

Physical level:  Comparing our physical appearance to others have become part of our daily life. As soon as you see someone beautiful than you,  you think that other person is better than me. Which is not true at all. Through self love you can eliminate these…

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Everyone Loves Ducklings

so true

Green lights ahead


I feel like ducklings make the world a better place. Happy people are usually kinder, and I have never met anyone who was not happy after meeting a duckling.
Conclusion: the world needs more ducklings.

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The Hashtag Question

What exactly is the hashtag question?

Well mine was after a discussion with my sister, I was asked to help explain what a hashtag was, well I knew it as a filling system, but only with a number…#1, #2, #3, so on and so forth so for me #=’Number’ and of course Twitter, something I never really understood, too many hashtags and not enough substance.

Though I know that the last part of that statement is not completely correct, the tweets I used to get on my feed were more akin a competition to get the best number of re-tweets for the #.

By writing this and including so many of them, I too feel like I have entered that     re-tweet competition.

But, upon further reading it appears that Blogers are now putting the hashtag in their blog title. This can have two effects

  • Increase the traffic to the post.
  • Decrease the traffic to the post.

The latter comes usually with the over use of the hashtag.

My thought is…What if I place the hashtag down the bottom of the blog and link it to the title of the same blog? Would this then have the same effect to pulling in traffic?

So on this one experimental blog I have done just that. Now how do you know if it has worked? By using my views, usually I have under ten views, the most is 30+, so in this way I am the best candidate to show an improvement in traffic, after all in blogging terms one is a small fish in a very big pond.

The other way to know if it worked is if you came here and are reading this from a #