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Reflections 2019 w26

It’s been an mixed week, I have been on holiday, came back to my sons birthday and my uncle going to the hospital after a fall.

That is where my first, and I hope last, encounter with love Island occurred.

My uncle is suffering from the early stages of dementia and is constantly looking for ‘you know’ on the telly. Whilst he does this he leaves programs on. Tonight it was Love Island, 20 minutes of it.

I do not understand the appeal, or what entertainment it offers that differs from the end of a night of booze down the local nightclub. Except these people are sober, I think.

Petty squabbles, jumping into differing beds like they were teenagers and that was pretty much all I saw them do.

I thought entertainment was to transport you away from reality for just little while, to give you a break. Not bring strife into your home – except via news channels.

I do not miss having my TV connected to a multitude of telly stations. It’s been 4 years since it has shown a tv station on it. And from what glimpses I catch, it is the same program formats from before I switched off.

I do not think I will be switching back on for a long while. Box sets offer programs I want to watch – minus all the adverts. Binge watch anyone?


Reflections 2019 w24

Oh I do hate misplacing things, especially after one has searched, and sorted all the draws and bags I could have placed it. I have spent 4hrs searching/sorting and still no joy.

I so want some of the information held within its pages for tomorrow, but I have exhausted all ideas where there notepad could have been placed.

I thought I placed it in the drawer there when it was filled, but no, I did not.

I found the notepad prior to the one I am after, which got filled before the date I am after, and I am positive I have not thrown the following pad away.

I guess it will turn up eventually, but not alas today.


Reflections 2019 w21

This is going to be quick, I’m Knackered.

Apart from hanging around waiting for people to have appointments the only thing I have done is the allotment.

This week I have planted my red current bush and cherry bush. 6 of the rubble bags have been taken to the skip. And the top half (90%) of the path laid out…To be rearranged earlier today, because I did not like the angle of approach from the gate to the half already laid. Only two slabs short from meeting in the middle.

More bushes are there to be planted, and that is the plan, working around more appointments, for this week.

I am so glad I am nearly finished.

Reflections 2019 w 19

Some of you may have noticed that a poem came out earlier in the week, this is from a batch I have not published, for whatever reason, I thought I had until trying to show someone a poem via this site.

And it was not alone.

In all there will be a poem scheduled every week until August.

Allotment news…The green houses have been moved/dismantled, still work to be done on the raising platform and getting the old area cleared of rubble, but it is a lot closer now to completion. My gate has become the gate of ‘wow’, although all I see is a building site still. But one nearing the end.

And this week also started a ‘trial’ gratitude journaling course at the West End Centre. So far it is a book of affirmations toward gratitude and colouring in, but I may be missing something. We will see.

Reflections 2019 w17

Wow, another week where routine has been out of whack, and I am mixed on what day it is. And more trouble due to a bank holiday.

This time my meds have been affected. A change to one and a lack of supply for another. That and another change of doctor at the mental hospital, which means I may, or may not get more meds. Although I ran out of them on Thursday.

The idea was if I ran out I could go get some more. That proved to be anything but true. I am still waiting, from Thursday, to find out if I can get more. But by the time that sorts itself out, the need, hopefully will be no longer.

I am so fed up of this “treatment” plan. Well, the down stream medicating for all ails if I am honest.

This cannot be the best way to help someone to get better. Can it???

Reflections 2019 w16

Well one did not know what one was going to write this week until trying to follow my normal path to this blog. WordPress have apparently altered the set up.

Now I am not anti change, but one does wonder why change happens for no apparent reason.

So far, it looks like an extra step to take, with no benefit to be gained. In fact it was several steps, as I originally thought it was a glitch and retried the step. Then went through another step, and another. No clue as to why the change has taken place.

It always confuses me as to why unnecessary steps are put in place, as I believe the usual response from users is to change to a simpler system or platform, if there is a rival. And thats people who are techies. Confusion sets in for the learners.

Will it be a help or a hindrance. We will see.


Reflections 2019 w12

Well another day of making my disc bulges suffer, but another part of the allotment altered. This now makes 2/3’s of it done. At the weekend the shed will have a new home, floor and roofing felt. This will then allow me to get its current site level for the greenhouse to move location.

I am moving away from two greenhouses and going for one sidewards and a large cold frame, that is in itself 3/4 of the floorspace of the green house it will replace. This will, on bricks, be plenty tall enough for the pepper plants, to give some sort of scale. The roof can however be easily removed to allot plants to grow upwards as though they were on a plot, theoretically it should be a little more versatile than the greenhouse, and the benefit of having one greenhouse is having it side on for the winter sun, expanding the season.

So, 3 more maul jobs to go, and then a visit to the chiropractor.

I was asked by the psychologist last week if one enjoys the allotment, and the confusion was evident when I said no. It’s just one maul job less than last time, there is no sense of achievement because it has not been completed, and one does not know how long my body will keep taking the punishment, the Tramadol has increased on some days.

But that is what you get for wanting to completely alter the plot, the only things that have not moved are two apple trees, a crappy plum has gone and a pear has been transplanted, they were 10yrs old and a half day maul, armed only with a shovel, foul language and my weight. The pear is showing signs of life thankfully.

A huge amount of work at the beginning of my first year to make life easier in the long term, and standardising lengths of cages, fleece and netting.

Does my plot look like anyone else? No, it looks like I copied and pasted a design on a computer and then translated that onto the ground. That was the concept, to know exactly how many plants can be planted in each one for differing sizes. Therefore planting catch crops can also be calculated.

I sow in modules/ paper pots to give the plants extra time away from the slugs, and knowing the number has made this a doddle for the planning.

As for the slugs, it was my sons weekend to visit this week, and we completed the hedgehog house for the allotment, should one drop by and decide to have a banquet, a B&B if you will.