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Everyone Loves Ducklings

so true

Green lights ahead


I feel like ducklings make the world a better place. Happy people are usually kinder, and I have never met anyone who was not happy after meeting a duckling.
Conclusion: the world needs more ducklings.

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The Hashtag Question

What exactly is the hashtag question?

Well mine was after a discussion with my sister, I was asked to help explain what a hashtag was, well I knew it as a filling system, but only with a number…#1, #2, #3, so on and so forth so for me #=’Number’ and of course Twitter, something I never really understood, too many hashtags and not enough substance.

Though I know that the last part of that statement is not completely correct, the tweets I used to get on my feed were more akin a competition to get the best number of re-tweets for the #.

By writing this and including so many of them, I too feel like I have entered that     re-tweet competition.

But, upon further reading it appears that Blogers are now putting the hashtag in their blog title. This can have two effects

  • Increase the traffic to the post.
  • Decrease the traffic to the post.

The latter comes usually with the over use of the hashtag.

My thought is…What if I place the hashtag down the bottom of the blog and link it to the title of the same blog? Would this then have the same effect to pulling in traffic?

So on this one experimental blog I have done just that. Now how do you know if it has worked? By using my views, usually I have under ten views, the most is 30+, so in this way I am the best candidate to show an improvement in traffic, after all in blogging terms one is a small fish in a very big pond.

The other way to know if it worked is if you came here and are reading this from a #


Reflections…Week Twenty

canstockphoto8630797It has been a week since starting my brothers present, a week I wish had started earlier, his birthday fast approaches.

Now, if I had been happy with the colours, or rather shades thereof, I may have been at a more comfortable point for finishing for his birthday, but alas the background went to six coats and the foreground has gone to four, two original colour and two the lighter version, and has yet to be completed. I know the main subject is going to be painstakingly slow and hopefully only three coats in places.

But I am happy with the results at this stage, which is a good sign.

To throw a curveball into the mix, the poetry class started this week, I have heard before that this can be a very effective therapy, all I have to do is get the ‘Pam Ayers style’ as the only way of doing poetry out of my mind; that and limericks.

The class also comes with homework, not really compulsory but the therapy is in the doing rather than the listening as I understand it. For some reason I have just had to mind that I have not yet watched Dead Poets Society, odd in itself as it is a Robin Williams film, will have to rectify that.

The theme for next week to start with was heaven, the ‘teachers’ being chocolate, this bought inspiration for my subject matter, but was then changed, due to the subdued reaction, to –  loss of a person.  Cheery theme for week one, this week being the introduction as it were, no pressure!

Well I am not in a position to even try to open up that can of worms at the present, but I am willing to give the heaven one a go. Even try one of the metres I have read about.

What can possibly go wrong?


For a start, I have to concentrate on the painting to try and finish for Tuesday night, the poetry is on Wednesday morning, this leaves the time my meds start kicking in and the world goes dizzy left free, no time to even contemplate painting detailed work, I have tried painting in this state before – only to wake, look at the picture and go WTF.

I shall not be going down that rabbit hole again any time soon, well not with a paint brush.

But words???

That is not a rabbit hole not yet investigated…



Adventure awaits…

Reflections…Week Seventeen

canstockphoto8630797Future Therapy???

Wednesday is a drop in day at one of the services I use, with one of the staff wanting a chat I was asked if I could pop in. The person to whom I was having a ‘chat’ with never got the chance to have it but the morning was not lost.

A new member was being signed in and shown what was what, I say ‘new’ member but she was a returning one after several years absence, and a lot of changes. The whole thing is informal in atmosphere, that is the purpose. The aim is to be able to get away for a little bit and just have a cuppa in a friendly environment, one that has support there if you need. Sometimes support comes in the simple form of a cup of tea and conversation, maybe even a laugh or two.

I wandered over and sat at the table with them, cup of tea in hand, an experimental one – a ‘relaxing infusion’, well that’s what it said on the box, containing cinnamon, liquorish and ‘catnip?‘ amongst a long list of other ingredients.  The reality was more what one would imagine the scrapings of a potpourri dish to taste like if boiling water was added. One tried to look composed whilst drinking it, though I doubt I did.

One was not relaxed after half a cup, nor the sink after the other half. Anyway back to the chat…

The new member was given a timetable, upon this was the day, time and place at which we were sat. “I’d like to do the poetry.” said the new member, the staff member looked at the timetable and said they used to do it but the chap that ran the session was no longer with the company which was a shame as it was popular… Long story short, they may have a replacement if the interest is there, the ‘replacement’ is going to be the last to find out about it.

Ones experience of writing poetry is limited to that from school and one session at group. At school it had to rhyme and I was limited at it, at best, limerick’s not being allowed, my favourite kind of poem at the time, due to their ‘rudeness’. The ‘I am” poem at group I did not see as a poem as such because it did not ‘fit’ into my taught parameters. Upon saying this to the staff member she said “No, that is not what poetry has to be, it’s about putting your emotions down onto paper!” 

One has no clue as to what she meant by that, classes will be required just to have that translated for me to comprehend it. Structure and form has been hammered in too much.

Clunky as it may be to start with, when/if the classes start, one will post any poetry written, not for the extra pressure but because of it. I believe that the extra pressure placed upon my writing, by doing the blogs, has made my writing better. Not only has it made me think about what and how I write but I believe it is a way to improve it further still.

Books written in the future will benefit from it I am sure.

What’s in a Name?

canstockphoto8630797One is not usually known for one’s pronunciation of names, nor remembering them. Practice and new techniques has however placed the name retention to about 70%, 68% higher than before.

What I have never had, until this Monday, is a reaction to my correctly mirroring someones name, well, apart from the whole – really?? – as I muck it up. Native names, if there is even such a thing, are equally problematic as foreign.  And putting names to faces has gotten harder dependant upon stress levels. People can start looking very similar to others, kinda like the faces of non important background characters in video games, the permutations of the composites are limited.

The gentleman in question told me his name and then quickly told me his ‘English’ name, and that he did not mind which one I used. I have noticed before that Asians give two names, one presumes that the first is their birth name and the second is there for us, I am going to enquire about it with a support worker just to have clarification.

But back to point…I repeated his Birth name the same way as he spoke it, and he looked almost shocked, “you have said my name correctly” was repeated several times; the emphasis on the “said

I already knew that remembering someone’s name had a big impact upon the feelings of the remembered.

Apparently the way it is pronounced is also equally important, if not more so.

Reflections…Week Sixteen

canstockphoto8630797Once again one has had the luxury of choice upon which to write about for this weeks reflections. This time one decided to do more than one. The hard part was deciding under which banner each blog would go.

The reflection for the week is… Telford Town Parks, Spring into the park 2017 with the Gruffallo. Together with my Son, Sister, Niece, Nephew and Nan (Mum), we headed off to the park for a nice day out.

The event was free (some cost on individual stalls) and the parking where we were was reasonable at £3.50, add a tenner on for the rather long route we took to get there and back, it still adds up to have been a cheap day out.

The weather at home when we started was not looking promising, Leo noticing that the cows on the journey where all lying down, Old wives tales tell of rain when the cows lie down, so we switched it- to they were all sunbathing. As it turned out that is what they could have been doing, one sits here glowing like a freshly cooked lobster. The irony that there is snow forecast next week forcing me to wrap up uncomfortably warm is not lost.

The park was busy, this normally would have been a problem, but with escape routes a plenty and the ability to step out of the crowd when needed, it was manageable. The headphones were only needed in the children play area, and not due to the children’s screeching, but rather a repetitive squeak on a see-saw that offset the children’s chaos with a rhythm, the conflict of both testing my minds ability to focus on reality. I got some strange looks, but Leo knows what the headphones are for, so no issues for us.

If you go to an event here expect ques on pretty much everything, especially the ‘real’ toilets, not so much on the portapotty’s. So if you want to take a tinkle – head up in advance. Word to the wise…there are multi levels, the shop, toilets and play areas are above the park event area. Doable with a wheelchair though.

We saw the Gruffallo, though it was less of a Gruffallo event than expected. We even saw the Gruffallo’s child running around at one point, a future Cosplayer in the making I think. A knight and dragon were wandering round the park, unrelated to the Gruffallo as far as one knows, but hats off for the chap in the dragon suit.

Dogs were a plenty  due to there being shows held and rosettes to be won. But the most unusual ‘pet’ to take out was the Owl, a stunning creature, who was a lot softer than one would have imagined.

We didn’t get to go around the woodland walk, nor the nature one, we will try them at a later date. Even without those we filled an afternoon+. Well worth going to an event here judging by the turnout, a lot seemed local.

One shall be going the kite festival next.



Reflections…Week Fifteen

dscf1094The last week has been an explosion of growth.

Not for me personally , but for the veg seeds I planted a fortnight ago. There is something about growing your own food that is just so rewarding, whether it be simply cress to add to a salad or the salad itself.

Tomatoes are a great example of eating with your sense of smell, you cannot buy the same sensation as eating a tomato just picked off the plant, the aroma of the plant itself adds to it. Strawberries are never as sweet as those that are ‘seconds’ picked, ripened in the sun instead of on a container whilst being shipped.

For my son it is a roaming buffet later in the year, white strawberries, red strawberries, blueberries, tomatoes and peas straight from the pod, and that is just in the pots around the garden. I dare not take him a pick your own, he’d come away covered in juices with his stomach proudly protruding at the quantity of fruit he had just ate.

What I have growing in my bedroom window is destined for the allotment, my baby sweetcorn starting to stand proud, the peas however seem shy with only a few reaching for the sun. I took a risk with last years berlotti beans and soaked them over night in a jar of water before planting…wow, what a difference it has made compared to the control beans. They have come up looking twice as strong and will have to be potted on sooner than later.

I love beans and peas, they are easy to grow and have a high yield per square inch and need little care apart from support. I would like to grow a runner bean plant to its maximum, just to see how far it would reach, as I usually struggle to keep them at seven foot. The right mix of sun and rain will get yields that far outdo what family and friends can consume/store in their freezers, bags of the excess food goes to the salvation army to help those that rely on them for meals.

If you have never grown your own food, give it a go. Their is something primal about eating your own grown food.

You would be surprised at what can get grown on just a windowsill.