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Monthly Archives: April 2020

Reflections 2020 w16

Well the lock down continues, and so does the daily routine, except a friend has had time off work, so we have played online. I had however forgotten how he like to collect in game tat on co op missions.

Now I will do the tasks and hunt for treasures that unlock in came advancements, but I cannot be bothered with the find 20 this to get a picture (not usable in game), but he is. Soooo, we have just spent over an hour searching for a secret missed on a level, with no use for the item when found. Personally one thinks it is just an end boss delay tactic. But we are socialising, and that is the main thing. We rarely get to do that normally.

On a random note…

I wonder what a tortoise thinks when you pick them up to move them, or even when they get lifted into/out of a box? Are they scared, or confused? Do they pray to their deity? Or are the usually slow(ish) movers thrill seekers getting a rush when it happens? Longing for the next time.


Reflections 2020 w 15

They say staying in is the new normal – is the latest YouTube add to annoy the crap out of me….

Who are they? Why do they say that? I have not heard anyone say they think this situation is normal. And why has the vague ‘they’ become popular?

If I said “they had a fire yesterday” would you know who I meant? Would you think they had a gas fire delivered, or an electric one? Or would you think their house burnt down? Or maybe they went camping and had a small fire, or burned some rubbish in the yard.

’They say’ is more akin to a propaganda tool to move public opinion towards a desired point.

Or is that my viewpoint because I have been described as ‘one of them’?

Rarely am I classed as one of the ‘we’, or part of ‘us’.

Was that in any way influenced by myself, or did ‘they’ decide for me?

And if ‘they’ have all this decision power – how far down the pecking order am ‘I’?

Take care, stay safe.

Reflections 2020 w15

I did actually wonder whether to do a reflection this week, but if decided that if I miss one week – then I will miss another. Even though it is a day late, but do days count for non essential people now?

So here it is…

Went out to the allotment, took spot for a walk on the way home the (not so) long way, repeat for 6 days, went shopping one one day.

looked at projects to do along the sewing line, waiting for material. I now have the brown paper for patterns, will have some done soon.

Stay safe.


Reflections 2020 w14

Another week without signs of infection, but one of my cousins is on isolation due to a cough. I think by now we all know at least someone who knows someone, and with the hay fever season starting it has a chance to spike, what with the runny noses, sneezes, and watery eyes, we constantly need to touch our face.

With the talk of the virus being defeated by warmer weather, I took a look at the temperatures around the world, I could not see how the entire planet is at roughly the same temperature for that to be true, or if it is not true about an average temperature – does that mean that hotter countries are virus free?

No, Kenya has a temperature of 25degc, which is 8 degrees higher than a typical uk summer. If we were to rely on the heat, we would be screwed. Our only weather hope would be if it got fed up of all the rain and buggered off.

I’m luckier than most, I have an allotment, which gives me time outdoors in fresh air, also a curse with pollen, pick fresh food and some social interaction over the fence. Now that more of the plot holders are going up, my time has come down. When it was just the two of us I could stay here for an afternoon – more isolated than at home. But now it is just half an hour, and a half hour dog walk.

Being a countryside dog walker (Usually) also gives me another advantage – hand sanitiser stock. I had some in two separate bags, the car, the dog drawer, and the poop bag hand sanitiser combo key ring. When you pick up poop to carry for miles you tend to have a special bag/container for it to be stored in, bagged of course, and hand sanitiser to deal with any germs – just to be safe for the cuppa or sandwich later. I also carry a couple of baby wipes for hand wiping, so I have a couple of packs of them too.

But I come from a family that has a pantry – a stocked pantry. So when the shelves ran dry in the supermarket we coped. I learnt the wisdom of having two weeks food in stock when my static nerve stoped me in my tracks a number of years ago, it took weeks until I got to the shops. I think many may rethink the empty cupboards after this if they are in the position to afford even one extra item a week that has a long shelf life. And  for those that cannot, the food bank donation boxes started to get donations again last week, hopefully they will get more deposited so they can help more to eat. We all have had a sample of going without something, and having to come up with alternatives.

It would not be the first time one has wiped my butt with leaves.

Take care, stay safe.