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Time to Feel…Poem

Time to Feel






I hide, become avoidant.


You say,

I feel.

Words cut,

I reel.

It tarnishes the moment.


To be seen,




My achievements you belittle.



I climb.

Down hill,

I’m pushed.

Why do I even bother?


Get angry,

Keep hold.

Keep quiet,


Immediately guilty, thats fine.


Play down,

Your part.

You hold,

Your heart.

Why is your hurt worth more than mine?


Your hurtful,

And spiteful.

With Speech,


Tis a nasty catchphrase.


When pattens,


I try to,


But I’m trapped in your maze.


With a wall,

Of thorns tall.

And a path,

Of glass shattered.

I have to have my freedom.


Can’t ask for,


Punch drunk,

Til Conceded.

My mind is in a maelstrom.


My ego’s,




That’s what your control has left me.


An answer,

It’s found.

An end

Can be seen.

My life it has to leave me.


I quit playing,

your game.

But I can’t see

all the pain.

That I would leave behind me.



In mist.

Fate took,

A slight twist.

A second chance it gave me.


A chance

To get well.

And break from,

Your spell.

Deflect; nay end, negativity.


A § M 





Why is saving, the pennies

to put away,

I find, much harder

than what people say?


My wallet – is sturdy

of material stout.

The holes, I can find none

where the money falls out.


Why is – the more that I save,

the bigger the bills?

Left with only the coppers

to pay at the tills.


Always I scrape by,

the sofa will tip.

Hoping for coinage,

with the stray, apple pip.


But that’s where I found some,

in a week that’s gone bye.

If I was faithful,

I’d turn to the sky.


And ask why it’s raining,

day after day.

To swallow the money,

and flush it away.


A § M 



My Fish…Poem

My Fish


My fish is smart, it talks to me,

with word it cannot speak.

From the bottom gravel sucks,

n’ spits at glass to squeak.


To my corner will it come

and check that I have heard.

If I’ve not, around he turn,

with tail he splash absurd.


He swims around to catch my eye,

he’s darting to and fro.

His last resort, the snail will suck,

and off with thunk he go.


Attention caught, he will then mouth,

abuse I swear he shouts.

Your late again! It’s dinner time,

he acts like local louts?


He will not rest, nor peace he give

until he has his food.

I know not what’s, within these flakes,

but it rids him of his mood.


A § M 


You Know It’s…#Poem

You Know It’s …


It’s on the tip of my tongue,

yet it’s miles away.

It’s gone in a flash, 

when come time to say.


Where does it go to?

Where does it hide?

I know it’s not out there,

it’s somewhere inside.


It’s like I am trying,

butterflies to catch.

Have no net to help me,

in vegetable patch.


How did I get here?

It’s not where I was.

But when you start chasing,

all focus it has.


A change of direction,

for it to be saught.

It’s doing its utmost,

remaining un-caught. 


No longer care whether

it was important or not.

Catch it to just prove,

I’ve not lost the plot.


The others they don’t care,

it left me, it’s gone.

For subject has now changed,

they dropped it – moved on.


But still I keep searching,

my “it” I will find.

I wake in the darkness,

it’s now come to mind.


I will say it out loud,

for no-one to hear.

Then turn over grinning,

from ear to ear.



A § M 





Pitter Patter, pitter pat,

rain is landing on my hat.

Pitter Patter, pitter pat, 

lightning strikes to scare the cat.

Pitter Patter, pitter pat,

in little brook there swims a rat.

Pitter Patter, pitter pat, 

through the soft mud, splat, splat, splat.

Pitter Patter, pitter pat,

make a splash in puddle flat.


Drip by drip and drop by drop,

from hat falling, plop, plop, plop.

Drip by drip and drop by drop,

in sheltered doorway, little stop.

Drip by drip and drop by drop, 

floats on past a bottle top.

Drip by drip and drop by drop,

soaks the litter by the shop.

Drip by drip and drop by drop,

back to home – with a hoppity hop.

A § M 


The Shopping Bag …#Poem

The Shopping Bag


Shopping bags 

of plastic made.

Use fabric ones, 

till corners fade.


Leather ones,

of decades past.

Still stand strong,

‘twere made t’ last.


But all will fall,

close or flop.

When time it comes 

t’ pack the shop.


Open – they stay,

all down the isle.

Till reach the checkout

with a smile.


Down items slide

to the checkout well.

Make bags collapse,

were standing still.


Milk is used,

to prop inside.

Turn – it falls,

 takes down the side.


I’ve propped it up,

turn – it stands.

I’ve fallen behind,

 so use both hands!


Bag it closes,

to block the food.

Now i’m cursing,

change of mood.


Cashier firing,

goods down fast.

As though I vexed them,

in the past.


No longer bagging,

but trolley fill.

Get to my car,

then bag I will.


A § M 





The snow it will part,

when grow you first start,

twas the deal, you made with the snow.


When given the task,

of flowers to ask,

compassion, the thing you did show.


He found you were fair,

your colour would share,

in exchange, you’re the first one t’ grow.


A § M