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Reflections 2020 w28

One has broken the YouTube algorithm, one thinks.

During this lockdown YouTube has been playing in the background a lot, but now the recommended page is doing my head in.

I spend time choosing the do not recommend channel option, only for it to be on the next page refresh, and the number of videos that have been already watched is increasing, along with the number of recommendations for videos of channels that are subbed to.

If I block say a channel showing mr bean, I then get multiple channels with more clips of mr bean popping up. The algorithm does not seem to want to acknowledge that the subject is constantly being blocked, whereas if I choose a video on a new subject it works out I may be interested in more on the same subject.

One is getting so many repeat video recommendations it is putting me off turning to YouTube to find something to watch, I already have to watch some channels through an add blocker due to the shear amount of adds on some longer videos.

One is also noticing a trend of some channel creators to produce something to meet the new algorithm recommendation guidelines on quantity rather than on quality. Some are even trying to push themselves further than their comfort levels/skill levels would have sensibly kept them before the last update, putting them at risk.

Some are doing reviews like mad to produce content, on products (talking camping/bushcraft here) that you never see them use, or if they do it is only rarely. Personally I prefer my reviews to be done after use. How can you review a tent when you have just put it up in the back yard for the first time on flat grass? A true test is in foul weather and strong winds after you have struggled to get your tent pegs into the ground. Heck, even how the tent goes up/comes down in gusty weather or rain makes a huge difference. It’s the whole reason I choose outer up first if I can nowadays.

Although the COVID lockdown has reduced their options somewhat, surely if you are describing yourself as a bushcraft/wild camp channel, there seems to be a weird hybrid going on with some, surely there are skills you can show that can be done at home, it can’t be all about kit, tarp, fire, shelter build, especially if you do the same shelter repeatedly.

I hope a rival platform comes out, so the creators can go back to focusing on quality over quantity, because as my sub list has been shrunk because of loss of interest in what a creator is doing, so is my interest in seeing what is being recommended.

And why are 8-10year old videos being suddenly resurrected in the recommended section??? The mind boggles.

Stay safe.

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