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Lamppost the challenge,

for writing these lines.

Honestly thought of;

not many times.

Switch on in evening,

and stay on all night.


when gone is sunlight.

Lean on at bus stop,

to share the long wait.

Dogs see a pee post,

unpleasant its fait.

Birds use as perch post

surrounding survey.

More stable, in winds,

than tree with sway.

Fog make things eerie,

defusing the light.

See wind a swirling,

such a strange sight.

Used by an artist,

to show a romance.

Seems more iconic,

than a tower in France.

Old type – not modern,

the style and the shape.

Maybe with side bars,

from bunting can drape.

Nighttime, or raining,

couples will walk.

Under umbrella,

whispers small talk.

Into the painting,

we follow their tracks.

Faces are not seen,

view only their backs.

A § M 


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