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Reflections 2018 w45

At what point does a task become a chore to be avoided; no matter how small the task?

One could have sworn that one had kept up with the updating of one’s website, however it appears to have been avoided for ten weeks. Just when did the avoidance set in?

I have my suspicion that it was at the second week…I’ll do it later…never to get ‘around to it’.

The task of catching up took all of ten minutes, thats a minute per cut and paste and tweak. Plus the whole process took no effort on my part, but I will avoid it if over a week is to be caught up. Procrastination is nearly always my natural choice, especially if it is connected to changing the procrastination process.

It appears to have self awareness and  a survival instinct.

But why?

One can see no benefit from it, nor a practical use, even in my distant memory the effects were negative in results. A baby will hold onto a favourite toy or blanket for comfort, getting upset if they get separated, I hold onto procrastination like that comforter – even though it brings discomfort, will I get upset if we get separated?

It makes no sense.

So one had better get to doing the cut and paste of this to the website before it comes back again.

Reflections 2018 w05

Well another month has been and gone, not all the things I wanted to put into place have materialised and some were just late. Outside forces have played their role, and my unenthusiastic approach has been reflected by the weather conditions.

However one has managed to start on a website design, with Wix, for a friend from group, when it is completed a piece will be written on it as a kind of launch. It is a worthy cause I am glad I can help with it.

So January was not a complete bust, February it seems is wanting to start with the dentist as I sit here typing this with a quarter tooth missing. I so hope it has had a root filling in the past. There is a point of no return for teeth when the dental care has been lacking in years gone by, something I hope my son will not follow.

I finished the painting that was commissioned by the B-WELL group and when it is placed on the wall it will be placed on my website. Although I did not get paid for this commission, it is non the less my first commission, and it is my own design, heavily influenced by the Blobby Tree theoretics but far enough away from the actual picture that it has/will have its own identity, complete with my sense of humour. There may even be a cartoon on the trees growth and story of the little people and the well around it. I have seen the animated story in my head, it would not stop once it started.

The prize for the writing competition was a £10 voucher for The Works, the story will be published in Brighter Futures February newsletter along with the other entrant/winners story. Hopefully there will be enough feedback from the piece to get a more popular writing competition next time. my-first-writing-competition-entry

My goal of mapping the local parks/woods and blogging about each one did not start last month partially due to the weather and partially due to the struggle to get out doors. I know that even warmer weather will not change that struggle to get out of the doorway.

Thats the rundown for the last month.

Where has the time gone?

Why are the weeks flying by so fast?


The Hashtag Question

What exactly is the hashtag question?

Well mine was after a discussion with my sister, I was asked to help explain what a hashtag was, well I knew it as a filling system, but only with a number…#1, #2, #3, so on and so forth so for me #=’Number’ and of course Twitter, something I never really understood, too many hashtags and not enough substance.

Though I know that the last part of that statement is not completely correct, the tweets I used to get on my feed were more akin a competition to get the best number of re-tweets for the #.

By writing this and including so many of them, I too feel like I have entered that     re-tweet competition.

But, upon further reading it appears that Blogers are now putting the hashtag in their blog title. This can have two effects

  • Increase the traffic to the post.
  • Decrease the traffic to the post.

The latter comes usually with the over use of the hashtag.

My thought is…What if I place the hashtag down the bottom of the blog and link it to the title of the same blog? Would this then have the same effect to pulling in traffic?

So on this one experimental blog I have done just that. Now how do you know if it has worked? By using my views, usually I have under ten views, the most is 30+, so in this way I am the best candidate to show an improvement in traffic, after all in blogging terms one is a small fish in a very big pond.

The other way to know if it worked is if you came here and are reading this from a #


Reflections…Week Nineteen

canstockphoto8630797As usual my brothers birthday is fast approaching and until today I have had no idea of what to get him, to be honest it usually applies to all birthdays, or I have an idea but the cost is too high. If it works it will be a hit I am sure, if not he will have the cop-out cash in card.

I have been sitting on a colouring in picture for Leo, my son, for over a week now and it was in showing it to him this afternoon the idea came to me. The picture is on glossy paper and I needed to take a photo of it to print it out onto normal paper for him, if he wanted to do it.

The picture – two carp in simple Chinese style.

It was being pushed as a kiddies colour in picture but I recon it would easily pass as an adult one. A bit of jiggling around and drawing the fish myself, the 914 x 356mm (or 36 x 14inch) canvas I have in the wardrobe would be the perfect size to be able to set the fish off and not crowd the detail of the scales. As I sit writing this the fish has been 2/3rds completed. I am chuffed too bits that the drawing has gone so smoothly, I have tried to do fish before but they always look terrible, even the outline looks oddly shaped normally, but this one looks good.

This weeks reflection is early and it is short, but I need to get back to this drawing now the little fella has gone to bed, and before my meds kick in and skew anything I draw away from what it is I am trying to do.

As it is a new project, it will be broken down as photos for each stage and placed onto my website at a date post birthday.

Reflections…Week Fourteen

canstockphoto8630797This week after over two years, I went public with my writing.

Strange when you view it as going public, with those whom you have a private relationship, rather than the strangers on WordPress, with whom you have shared ones journey since the start.

Pride, that would be the reason, if I am honest, as to why it has taken so long to announce it to the people I know. Not the ‘pride comes before a fall’ pride. But rather the pride that you know you have improved and the goals set by yourself to reach – have been reached. The ‘I have accomplished’ pride.

The kind when a picture of a sheep made with crape paper, macaroni and cotton wool is done by a child. The innocent kind of pride, it was done for nothing but the pleasure of the doing.

Well, It’s not that simple. That would be toooo easy a wall for me to climb, lets just keep adding another layer on top, just too make sure its remains daunting.

So the writing was the start, get more comfortable at doing it, get to the point I don’t feel embarrassed about it. I am still going to see if my English is up to grade and retake my exam if necessary. Then it was do my own website, I personally don’t like the way my blogs are filed on my profile, I wanted it ‘just my way’. So if I am going to the trouble of creating a website, should I not own my own domain name? Then it was, if I have my own website would it not be practical to have my artwork there as well? What good can I do with the site? Then, how is it going to get promoted? Make a Page on Facebook, link them all together…..

The blogging became overshadowed as the secret to let out.

Somewhere along the line was a change. A change so subtle I did not see it.

I stopped putting extra layers on the wall, and before I knew it I was sitting on top of it, looking around.

Sure I could polish this bit and that bit, but as it is a growing web site this will happen naturally over time.

It still amazes me when I look at where my blogs have been read around the world, that little old me, has touched the hearts of strangers, in far off lands.

But the last to know have been the ones within 20 miles of where I live.

I probably even managed to surprise the person to whom I owe the journeys start, Anika.

I just kinda announced it out of nowhere, in a kind of – big intro – way, to the unveiling of the website and my blogging.

I even made it colourful to stand out.

Thank you for your unknown inspiration.

Reflections…Week Eight

canstockphoto8630797Time to sort out my computer files, backup and clear out.

All I want to do now is clear off.

I have been slowly building my website, and now I feel that it is time to place my artwork onto it, hence the need to sort out my files. And boy do they need sorting!

Somewhere over the years, copies have been made as backups, and then the same copies have been made again, under a different folder name. Photos, and I take a lot of photos, have multiple duplicates,  the early artwork, well, I have yet to find those photographs. I have come to the conclusion that this is going to take days, thankfully the journey into digital photography for art subjects started in 2013, but I am not only sorting. For some inexplicable reason my brain thought it would be a good idea to catalogue them into sub headings as well. I will sub – subsection them later, this will be especially helpful for rocks and trees – big, small, bare etc, etc…

Having had a laptop fail before, my data is on external hard drives, several in fact, these too have there own purpose, one large one for all, and some smaller ones that are more portable and dedicated to a specific storage, photos, music and alike. They are also formatted to windows, to ‘pair’ to my old dis-functional laptop, that always wants to do an update for half an hour, each time I switch it on. I am now on an apple computer, the two don’t mix.

It was supposed to go like this:-

  • Update the computer, wait, have a cup of tea.
  • Clear all available space on the laptop, slowly.
  • Transfer data from the external hard drives to the computer, again slowly.
  • Transfer from the computer to the mac. By this time you should have worked out that this is slowly.
  • Clear all available space on the laptop.
  • Transfer data from the external hard drives to the computer, repeat the process until all data transferred.
  • Reformat the drive to work with the mac.
  • Sort out on the mac.


The data on the large drive exceeded the capacity of my available storage.

What to do?

I could not afford another drive and the value of my nectar points reach only half of the cost.

Cloud drives, I could get some space for free, just for signing up to a couple of things, sorted.

  • Uploading to the cloud is slow! well it is with my laptop.

Enough space yay!

Now whats gone where?

And why didn’t I use a pen and paper to keep track?

Reflections…Week Three

img_1007Normally one does not look for inspiration to write a blog piece, it just comes on a whim, but when writing on a weekly basis, one has to find it. Not this week, this week has a surplus of ideas to write about.

Hot topic of the week…website building! Hot and bothered.

I had an idea of what I wanted, and just like my blogs often are, the first one , nay two, have been lovingly put together; only to be unceremoniously scrapped. The web site creator that I was using first looked basic but did the job, right up to the point of using my domain name that I have paid for. It was that much of a hassle to get nowhere, I have changed creators and am nearly in a position to launch with my domain name, fingers crossed.

Why a web site?  Well, the plan is to link all my creative ideas into one accessible hub. There will be folders and subfolders and maybe subfolders of the subfolders, but with an easy to use menu and clear layout, anyone should be able to hop skip and a jump to any piece quickly and easily. I personally think that a ‘what is this about’ for each category would be nice.

Do I plan to pay a chunk load of cash for a site that may not get much traffic? No! I will cleverly use links to sites, like this one, for the subject matter with a link to return to the same website menu whence left.

YouTube can and has been used for podcasts, some with a slide show to add to the video effect, not quite a powerpoint presentation, but close. Does it work? Yes, but it is not the best platform to use. I have seen blog posts for photographs and links to youtube but they all have the same problem, the long single page to scroll through. Yes, the latest blog is at the top, but if I just found you and you have been active for a couple of years – thats a lot of blogs to go through to find a subject I may not know I wanted to learn about. But the subjects own page on a website and a brief description, I can start reading/viewing at my leisure with the content on sites that are created specifically for a that media being chosen i.e…Blog – blog site, video – youtube, art – something like deviantart and so forth.

That is my aim to start. Who knows what it could grow to? It could lead to me selling my Art, or it could lead to selling of a book  or a combination of both. Or it could lead to selling socks. But if I never start walking down a path, I will never get anywhere.

And who is to say if it will be a success? No one, if I/you never try and If the path of free was chosen, what is there to loose?