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About me

For years I have been in a haze, the reflection in the mirror a stranger, myself unknown. Psychiatrists have drugged me, Psychologists have tried to help me (accept the changes) and Therapists have questioned my diagnosis. My companion throughout is my dog offering unconditional love and a daft as a brush spirit lifter.

As for me? I have been left disillusioned with the whole mental healthcare ‘recovery’ program, so I seek out new ways to learn and remember to correct the changes I don’t want to accept. To be better. The anchor has been the art therapy, my constant for the last two years.

This site is another way to express my learning, my discoveries and above all express what I hold as a deep desire; My voice. Many may hear or non, but that is not the point. It is out there with the potential to be heard worldwide, to be liked or dis-liked, honed in a vulnerable format and along with it confidence in myself in the public eye. Standing ups to my anxiety.

Years have gone before, even pre-breakdown, where ones direction was unknown, purpose unsought, a void in my self-belief. But now I know a Journey has begun and an adventure awaits, I have the knowledge…

I am an Artist.

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