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Reflections 2020 w27

I have not been on for a couple of weeks, and the biggest change to the Covid routine was to go and get a couple of pairs of socks and a shirt from town…Exciting stuff.

Ooo and a haircut.

One had to go to town twice though because the changing rooms are not open. So one trip worth of shopping created two trips into town, two times touching the keypad, two times interacting with the staff members, three times the shirt was handled by staff members, I had to use a pen from them and touch the receipt they handed me before signing it and handing them back, compared to trying the shirt on once and putting it back.

Yes I brought the socks there as well, but what if i did not? Was the second journey really required to limit the spread of the virus rather than having the changing rooms sprayed down after being used?

To give some context on this, the shop is usually quiet, people trickling in and out a couple at a time, I have never been in this shop with more than 6 people in it at one time, which is why I like shopping there. So I am not expecting the staff to run around like a blue arsed fly, but then I was expecting to see more masks being worn in town. Half of the mask wearers were wearing them UNDER their chins in public. What use they think they are getting out of them I don’t know.

On a bonus note, the mask wearing is helping with the hay fever. It may become a part of my country walking kit, much like my eye drops, for when I walk into an area of pollen reaction. Not every reaction is just a sneeze or several, and if a mask will lessen the impact – good.

Stay safe.

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