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Reflections 2020 w24

And now the countdown has started…

A Wedding?

A Birthday?


A Holiday?


A meeting of friends?



It is a countdown to having a haircut. Something, as a bloke, I did not even have to book an appointment for before. I could just walk in and wait to get a cut, even a shave if I so wanted. Heck I could get one on a whim if the barbers was empty.

But now an appointment has to be made, and for a busy barbers one would hate to think at how long it would take to get an appointment, and would it be a case of booking one for four weeks after that?

Luckily I can get mine done by a mobile hairdresser who has few clients, although she was thinking of packing it in due to a lot of her clients are elderly. Part in concern over taking the virus home, part because a lot would have not washed their hair themselves whilst the lockdown has been in place. We know one client has only used the dry shampoo. To be honest I cannot fathom how that works, but then I’m a ginger that has hair which requires super strength conditioner on a regular basis just to not boof into a lightning struck sideshow Bob.


So yeh, I’m counting down to it.

Stay safe.

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