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Reflections 2020 w23

Today I salvaged some of the onions up the allotment. Due to the yo-yo weather we have had, many plants have decided to bolt and go to seed. The onions are no exception, some have no bulb as such and look like a swollen stem. But as I am dehydrating this lot I could salvage quite a bit, including the scapes.

Tomorrow, I have some carrots to pull, and some tatsoi to harvest the leaves from, both have gone to seed before they are ready, but I can at least salvage some leaves, also to dehydrate + there is far too many to eat fresh.

the baby sweetcorn has disappeared, not a problem one has had in the past, and the first earlier have never really recovered from the late freeze we had. Next year I will have the fleece coverings to protect them, I could not afford this year, with other items being bought.

The peas are lazy, strong plants that only want to stay on the ground, they will not grip the canes at all, and at 6ft tall they are a tangled mess now, it’s a good job half of them are a purple pod.
My turnips are a good size, now all I have to do is find a recipient for them, 

The tomato plants have just started to get some fruit on them, hopefully I will get a glut to dehydrate. Everything else is growing ok, if not a little behind those on other plots grown on window sills. But I wanted to do everything in situ at the allotment, so I can get to a point where I can grow different varieties all year round.

As for the onions, they went in at the end of last year from sets, to try to stop the bolting by cropping earlier, this year I will do the same but from seed, apparently the flowers only appear on the second year, onion sets count as the first years growth, so in theory they should not want to produce the flower next year if sown from seed this one. Time will tell.

It was nice to sit outside the greenhouse processing the onions, it felt like I was preparing food on a camp, it also meant the scraps went straight on the compost pile without traveling to and from home first. As an added bonus the slight breeze made the vapours powerless — no tears.
One might just take up my old camp cook set and do a pea and ham soup straight from the pod, with a couple of nice crusty rolls.
It’s nice to be able to take time to enjoy the rewards of the plants in location, instead of just seeing jobs that need to be finished when the wether is more suitable, neither wet, nor a burning hazard. The joys of being a red head.

stay safe.

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