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Reflections 2020 w22

Another Sunday been and gone without much notice, but then there is not much to notice at the moment. Today some shops opened up, but one hates to think about how certain areas of town are going to be able to distinguish one queue from another, let alone pass down the middle of the two rows and keep the distancing.

So on the last trip to the garden centre I got some soft plastic wire to make a couple of masks. There is greater risk with greater numbers, so it is definitely time for one now.
This is the part I was not looking forward to – the return of the noise, busyness and people.

For a while now my social anxiety has had a chance to relax a little, I have no fear of the virus, it has done me no harm in the past, unlike the people who carry it. So having a large personal space when out and about has almost been a luxury. But I know more people out will equal less space. There is not the room to maintain it.

I may not fear the virus, but it has taken many away from loved ones, it is still around, so if the distancing is shortening, the the masks will be worn when out.

Hopefully there will not be a spike in new cases over the next two weeks.

Stay safe,

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