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Reflections 2020 w19

I heard a conspiracy theory the other day, this virus is just the world leaders working together to subdue the population. Deliberate and planned.

How do these theories get any traction?

This theory supposes that governments infected their own populace and worked together, all together, in their response. If only they could do the same over food, pollution, poverty and a whole host of alternatives.

Not only did they all say “I’m in”,  but they devised a strategy that some countries would respond quicker than others, but all would not grass on the others.

Not one has done a posturing move and not infected, to score points with the ‘voters’, I put it that way to also cover the not so democratic regimes, nor has any come up with we are healthier than the rest of the world – we did not get it.

Just think about that. Countries that posture all the time with military displays, missiles and other propaganda techniques, decided not to lie about following the plan, and strut in front of the world.

Don’t get me wrong, there is strutting from individual politicians meeting the sick whilst not wearing a mask or gloves, when others around them are…History will either view them as kind, compassionate and caring – or as a dumb MF who chose to risk infecting others just to get a photo opportunity..

2020 the year people just ‘fell asleep’ and did not wake up, not virus suspected. Birthdays spent alone, or with visitors standing at the end of the yard singing happy birthday. Clean beaches – until the people came back. The toilet roll shortage, and then the pasta shortage, along with the tinned tomatoes, rice, anti bac wipes, pasta sauce, flour and other odd random items that make no sense. And funerals of friends and loved ones that could not be attended because there was already 10 people who wanted to attend.

Spirit of the blitz, but without the destruction or fear of bombs being dropped, more food, and a better selection of it. Online shopping and having deliveries. No ration books limiting the selection and quantity of that food, or alternatives. Internet and TV, the huge selection of channels for many. No curfew for lights out. No limitations on clothing, No having to give up your cook wear, to support the troops. No having to forage for food, our weeds of today, so that a meal can be made. Distrust of people that may be standing within the 6ft radius, regardless of wind speed or direction. And the supporting of a fellow human being — would a pensioner who falls receive help? Or even accept help for fear of catching the invisible enemy?

There seems to be a rose tinted version of the British spirit, all coming together for fellow man, after decades of being told to look after number one, supporting others is bad.

I would like this to be a turning point for humanity, but I cannot see a long gap before we wage a war against those we are currently working with for a cure to the virus.

Stay safe.

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