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Reflections 2020 w17

Stay at home, protect the NHS, save lives is apparently being changed to Stay alert, control the virus, save lives.

One has a couple of issues with this new message – at least the old one was clear on what to do.

Stay alert… if one was in bear country this would make sense, or in the sea where sharks swam close to shore, something you can see to be alert for. But how does one stay alert to an invisible by the eye virus? Without testing you cannot tell if someone has it on them or not, nor can you tell if you are touching an item that has it on it. So how do we stay alert?

Control the virus…if this virus was controllable , why are we in lockdown? Such an extreme reaction to the virus suggests it is to limit the spread because we do not have control over it. But now we can, just by being alert? Were we not alert enough before and during the lockdown, and if not, what training have we had that we are now qualified to be now?

The fact new cases are still appearing suggests that even in self isolation, social distancing and extra sanitising steps we are neither able to be alert, nor in control.

Because we cannot see it to avoid it. We just have to be lucky.

Stay safe.

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