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Reflections 2020 w09

We are having another storm, and we are on the watch for another next week as well. This one brought some snow and hail for a couple of hours before washing it away, what that is going to do to all the early blossom on the trees one has no idea. Nature is just as confused as us at the moment.

Plants are flowering way before the season they are supposed to, the frogs were about the day before the snow, and the birds are acting like they have young. All I need to see now is a butterfly flying past the window, to confirm the confusion.

Good news on the notepad and pen front — it has been found.

Twas hiding in Spots carrier. What it was doing there I have no idea, but the notepad search is done.


Not quite.

Whilst the pad And pen has been on its vacation, a spare one was being used. This I went for at the discovery of the missing pad, it has some poems to transfer to the computer, before placing into semi retirement. It was at this point one discovered that this pad has now gone missing. !!!?

I looked down at Spot, curled up in her bed, looking all peaceful, and asked her…”Are you messing with me?”

She stirred a little, looked at me with un-interest at the subject and went to sleep.

I feel now it is I, that is messing with me.

But why?

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