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Reflections 2019 w37

Ahh, a day late. To be honest I fell asleep.

We are on the last bits of clearing Uncle Joe’s house, well I say last bits, I kinda added some work to the list by going over his garden and giving it a tidy and the grass a mow. It did not feel right to leave it in an unkept state, I never saw it that way when he was alive, and I wanted the garden area to be playable straight away if children moved in.

Tomorrow should be the last day at the house, and to be honest I am not looking forward to leaving it for the last time, empty and partially gutted. I now only hope that an item or two is accepted at my local museum. I spent many an hour at that place as a child, fascinated at the “modern” items they have on display. I think it would be nice if a piece of my uncle and aunts life got to do the same for other children.

Maybe my son and nephew can play spot the item on future visits.

At least his galvanised watering can that I am turning into a planter, with his fuchsia coming out of the top, will be around for a while.

It is going to my allotment gate, with my plot number on it.



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