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Reflections 2019 w34

Sometimes I have little to say, sometimes a lot happens, and this week I do not feel as though events have yet sunk in.

So with that in mind, I will write about that another time, and just whinge about the docs.

I went to the doctors the other day for the results of my blood test, which I thought was for my thyroid, turns out it was for my antipsychotic meds. So as to not have a wasted journey I asked if the rash/whitening/itchy blotch on my hand was anything connected with the blood test results/thyroid going out of whack – and I was told to see the psychiatrist.

And I bet the psychiatrist will tell me to see the doc.

Once can only conclude that it has something, in his mind, to do with the anti psychotic medication, as the doctors will not touch medication prescribed by he psychologists.

Luckily I am seeing them in the next fortnight because there is no way they would book an emergency appointment for a skin complaint that the doctors have not concluded that it is a side effect.

The end result…I do not go to the docs until I have no other option not to.

An all too common scenario fo many people.


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