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Reflections 2019 w18

The battle between man and beast has started. Seedlings have started to disappear under a trail of slime.

One has made a conscious decision not to use pellets up the allotment, but the method I was going to use cannot yet be done. The temperature rating/recommendation is steadily over 5deg c, and we keep nipping down to 1deg c. So the blighters have had a head start.

The pond is showing life, I counted 3 frogs there last week, and 2 more under upturned pots. Any hedgehog has gotten a home built for it by myself and my son, and it has free access onto the plot via a hedgehog arch in the fence.

It is because one wants the wildlife to eat the blighters the decision has been made to forgo the toxins. Nematodes, my trial for this year, do not poison the creatures that eat the slugs, but they do kill the slugs, from the inside out.

We are not allowed up on the plot after dusk, so we cannot go a hunting with torches and a bucket. So that leaves traps, with an attractant in them. This does seem to be counter intuitive, attracting the slugs to the plot in order to kill some of them. One would rather not attract them at all.

Fingers crossed the greenhouse platform and move will be done this week and my young seedlings will have a moat of water protecting the legs of the stand they sit upon, This has yet to be built, as it is going to be made from the greenhouse frame that is not going to be used. The buggers will have to swim to get them then.

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