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Reflections 2019 w17

Wow, another week where routine has been out of whack, and I am mixed on what day it is. And more trouble due to a bank holiday.

This time my meds have been affected. A change to one and a lack of supply for another. That and another change of doctor at the mental hospital, which means I may, or may not get more meds. Although I ran out of them on Thursday.

The idea was if I ran out I could go get some more. That proved to be anything but true. I am still waiting, from Thursday, to find out if I can get more. But by the time that sorts itself out, the need, hopefully will be no longer.

I am so fed up of this “treatment” plan. Well, the down stream medicating for all ails if I am honest.

This cannot be the best way to help someone to get better. Can it???

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