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Reflections 2019 w14

It is time to start marking out the pattern for the fox door stop, but due to confusion last time on the left side/right side marking out, which was only discovered at the time of sewing, I have started redrawing the pattern.

This time colour coded and twin sets, left and right.

Also added on is the colour it is going to be, and a pattern sheet created in order to follow. I rearranged the construction order last time and found it easier.

But me being me, I have also changed the pattern slightly, as when the dummy was created from the old pattern one disliked some parts. So another dummy section or two to make, to see if the alterations work.

One is not frustrated at this part of the process, as I am still learning about darts and pattern shapes that, when sewn, create forms. One is also thinking of going the charity shops to get teddy bears. Although I am not sure what my nephew would think if he sneaked into my room, or what my son would think when he came to stay, me having a collection of teddy’s.

It’s one thing to create a creature/puppet, it’s quite something else to dissect a teddy and have its limbs plucked off and face pulled apart and spread over a sheet of paper, its stuffing filling bags at the side.

No, one imagines that would be quite brutal in a child’s eyes.

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