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AGGHH it’s late…

This is going to be a quickie, I have run out of time that the meds will allow anything in the line of english.

I have been focused on the allotment again, but the schedule has changed. The shed is too warm in its current location and the asparagus had started to get mould on the roots. The potatoes are not fairing better, and need to be in the ground now, or very close to it, to prevent them from becoming jacket potatoes.

The fence by the potatoes has yet to be finished, and the compost bins at home needed to be emptied and then have the compost transported to the plot to coat the asparagus and the potatoes. But this delay causes a change here, which alters something else. It’s like crossing a river by stepping stones whilst putting the stones in place randomly.

But I have been able to do one bin, taken the compost to the plot and planted the asparagus crowns. I just have to hope that Tuesday will be dry so that I can Finnish the fence and plant the potatoes.

By then one should also have the seeds arriving to start filling the greenhouse with the seed trays.

Oh, and when I have not been at the plot, I worked out a plot placement diagram, seed chart and a 5 year rotation of the main crops. Why 5 and not 3? Because I read a study that came to the conclusion clubroot on brassicas flared up at 2-3yrs. Boy does that make it awkward when some brassicas are in for 1-2 years. The purple sprouting broccoli and Brussels sprouts have had their own rota.

Now I just have to print out a years worth and plan what follows when a plant comes out, as I intend to grow year round.

Crikey, 312 words, not so quick after all.


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