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Reflections 2019 w10

Less of a reflection and more of a pondering.

If it takes more effort to be negative than to be positive, why are so many of us wired to the negative?

If it takes less effort to be positive, why is this not the first option? We will, unless a challenge is the goal, nearly always take the path of least resistance, and the path that gives a reward is alluring.

So it would make sense that all of humankind would be trying to attain a constant state of positivity.

But we don’t. Why?

Instinct would have us securing water, food, and shelter; a moral boost comes with fire. But positivity? Have we in the ‘civilised world’ become complacent about our lot?

It takes time and effort to stay in a negative state of mind, to focus on the negative and block out the memories of the positive. To churn over the thoughts of someone who has done you wrong, rather than focus on those in your life that have brought light into it.

When do you have time for that when you have so and so to think about, the revenge or the next meeting you will have , where you will prove you are better than them. That all takes time; and ones complete focus.

What benefit does it give us?

Think a sad, unhappy, angry, sceptical, bitchy thought. And you will be in a mood that brings you down. Stay in that mood and it make you unwell. It can physically make us ill.

What is the reason for it?

Is it natural?

Or is it man made?


What side of the see-saw have you placed your thoughts?

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