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Reflections 2019 w07

Two things this week…

1. The allotment continues to surprise me with buried items and “just how much wood is stored here?” One has had two burns already and if the pile is dry enough, one has at least 3 more burns, whilst I finish processing the old pallet wood to de-nail it for sawing, then it can be added onto the fence, one hopes to stop the neighbours bramble coming through. In other words…As I burn the stack of wood that is no good, I will be making more wood offcuts to throw on the fire. But once the fence has been done and the last two beds have been done, one will know all the other wood is to go. None is suitable for a new shed floor and that will be the last of the wood constructions. Still lots to do, but the mauling is coming to an end. One hopes that my back will last out.

2. The prototype of the fox draft excluder is going to be sewn together this week, once this has been done one can work out the tail pattern/size. With this being the first construction of my pattern it will not be in the fur, this way one can see any problems with alignment of the parts. And boy does this thing have a collection of parts, the fur version will have eyebrows to add a little more realism, and that will make the total pattern parts to over 6o. Not many of the parts join on the fabric pre cutting, and although the material is going to be the same on the trial it has been cut as though it would mirror the 3 fur colours on the final. This is my first pattern making, based on how to design a puppet, and there is a temptation to double the pattern size to create a fox puppet. One still has to complete the one that has been put to one side whilst doing this fox before that will come about though.

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