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Reflections 2019 w06

We have had a week of sun and mild temperatures, so while it lasted all spare time has been spent up the allotment, drying the wet boards up off the ground and then painting the preservative on them. Not the right time of the year to do it, but one is rearranging the entire plot virtually, and with letters being sent out last year about a lack of greenery on the plots 10-14 days after snow was on the ground, one needs to do several things at the same time to make it easier to prepare for the end of march greenery.

So, instead of pulling up all the old raised beds, sorting the good wood from the bad, taking it to the skip, clearing the site from of the rubbish…You know – in a logical order. It’s been more chaotic and the wood has been half sorted, in a pile, next to an old plastic transporter pallet bin thingy, the old water buts that need hosing clear and scrubbing out pulled from where they sat to by the shed, unwashed due to no water supply at the allotment for the moment.

The warm weather has meant the sides of the compost bins that support the roof have been cut, painted and put together. The raised bed for the rhubarb was made, painted and planted. All the old wood that did not immediately fall apart has been dried, cleaned and painted. the area where the new bed is going has been levelled – 3″, 8cm, added to one side of the plot to get it level. And today the frame was built and the wood chip paths inside it has been laid. Hopefully by Tuesday one will have the second bed done that side of the plot, leaving only the paving flags to put down for the new greenhouse floor. All that will leave is the placement of the compost in the spaces created by the paths.

Then one can start on the other side – safe in the knowledge that even if it snows in March the compost can be warming in the greenhouse along with the seedlings, to be plopped outside.

I think that so long as the rubbish has gone, half the plot has been planted and the base for the shed has been laid; one can have the “now just hang on one second, I’ve done…” moment if the need arises.

After all, the issue of seeds not germinating in an unheated greenhouse in the snow due to low temperatures, sounds like it should not be a thing. But it has been. One would have preferred to clear everything away first, dumped what needs to be dumped (sorted for the recycling at the tip), Then as the weather warmed made the beds, filled them and planted, all at the same time.

Next year one hopes to still have crops in from this year, thus avoiding the panic over planting.

And ensuring a plentiful amount of greenery

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