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Reflections 2018 w52

Ahh, the last one of the year and it’s late. Routine has been so disjointed I have only just realised it is the end of the week.

So now I write this on New Year’s Eve.

I could wish everyone a happy new year, and hope that next year is better than this one….but there are things in the future, looming overhead. A present that has been hastily wrapped, which may contain a gift, or a turd, no one knows for certain.  I just cannot see any good coming from it if fags, petrol and beer prices go up, it’ll be like a football team loosing a compotition , that already is excuse enough to go on a rampage for some.

No, next year will go down in history because we have made sure the spotlight is on us…

An Englishman, Scotsman and an Irishman walk into the bar…

Which one will be the joke?

And why have the welshmen always been forgotten to be invited into the jokes?

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