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Reflections 2018 w46

Well this one does not normally do. Reflections on a Friday night?? Unheard of.

However, today I did not have to push my neighbour or the trolley around the supermarket, and once more did my normal routine of sitting by the tills waiting until they finished shopping, note book in hand.

But it has been a while since I last wrote anything not project related, so I blanked.

One has used the technique of just writing anything before, with some degree of success, but after a page that started with…

‘I haven’t wrote a poem for an age – this is being wrote just to get me into the idea of writing in the supermarket again.’

Out flowed a poem/prose that even after typing it onto the computer, is complete, finished. Scheduled release is Thursday.

Normally one has to tweak before publishing, but not this one.

So, if you ever have writers block – try writing everything that comes into your head until it has enough of being mocked and starts working on the task you want.

You never know…

The results may surprise you.

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