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Reflections 2018 W42

Why is there a big push on Christmas? Birthday cards have been put into storage for the Christmas cards, decorations are mixed in with Halloween bits and pieces, but were out before the bonfire night fireworks, Homebase had Christmas music playing alongside the trees for sale on Thursday, and yesterday I passed a 30ft inflatable Santa.

As if the year does not feel short enough already. I bet in December Facebook will have the usual troll posts about not being able to celebrate Christmas; again. I think in the last days before Christmas I am going into Clinton’s cards and asking for the Easter card selection and Easter eggs. I recon I could complain if they don’t have them in, replacing the seasonal event of the time.

We seem to spend 3/4 of the year fixated on one day, one consumer based day, and if we dare say anything about it because we’re sick of it, were just miserable – and should get into the spirit of Christmas.

Well maybe I would…

If Christmas was at Christmas, and did not take longer to get rid of than a case of the clap.

I’m not anti Christmas, I’m just fed up of it; already.

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