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Reflections 2018 w38

Well it’s that time of the year again, when I have to admit defeat and replace the crochet blanket and sheet with the sheet and 4tog duvet, yes, the nights are getting colder. It’s also the time I look to see if I can get away to Shell Island in Wales for their final week of camping at the end of October.

Spot and I do not go for the fireworks, although she can be in the mood to watch them from a great distance, but rather the near empty campsite/”island” we share with maybe five other tents, that is until the Thursday, when it starts filling up for the firework night.

The weather we are used to here is usually windy with a high chance of 55mph gusts, so it is a great place to either ruin your tent or prove it. Trust me, once you get back to a tent that is flat to the ground, and you want to keep the tent more than one year, you get a tent that can withstand the winds. Also you start to look for the higher part of the more none-field camping areas, after you have woken up to a moat around your tent, if your unlucky, inside at least part of it.

I now hang my rubbish bag at night, not because of bears like our American cousins, but rather because of local, Welsh, wildlife.

Have in mind this was a two man dome tent standing at a whopping 105cm (41inch) at the very top whilst you read the next part.

I will never forget my first encounter with the rubbish thief, one was disturbed by the rustling of the bag and posed my head out of the top opening of the inner tent doorway, torch in hand, fully expecting to see a rat or a mouse. But instead I locked eyes, with the almost as surprised as me, badger. It lasted for what felt like a minute, until he/she grabbed the bag and made a run for it, the badger came around again the next night and tried to get the dog biscuits, the food was kept in the car after that and I now keep all food in an airtight container.

But my encounter did not end there…

Knowing that it liked the dog food, I waited the next couple of nights, using the red light on my head torch. And when the badger came again I quietly left the tent, the dogs in the tent with my ex, food in hand. Neither of us seemed to know we were supposed to fear each other, and we spent a good half an hour together, enjoying each others company. Me feeding the badger at nearly four foot away, and the badger eating the dog biscuits. The badger left when it had eaten enough and I did not see it again…

That holiday..




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