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Reflections 2018 w33

It’s been my sons visit today, and with the day being dry, he wanted to play outdoors. Now it’s been a long while that he has had his bouncy castle up, due to the sun, this is something that for some reason seems strange to write. We did not want to keep him in the sun too long so as not to burn, and just how hot would the bouncy castle get? Today though the sun was hiding behind the clouds.

It’s just a shame that the wind was gusty.

We agreed it was probably best that it stayed deflated, so it would not blow onto the roses and burst. So instead we went with the tunnel tent set, well the tunnel set anyway.

The tunnel set is one of those pop up tunnels x4 and what can only be described as a doughnut shaped centre, that the four tunnels go into to support the upper fabric. If this was to blow around it would not get burst and the fabric could always be repaired if it caught the roses. No way were the tents going to stay in this yard if erected, so they stayed in the box. If he could get his cousin to give chase it would make for a tiring morning/afternoon.

It went as planned till dinner time, occasionally the wind caught a tunnel and blew it down the lawn, but not too bad.

After dinner the gusts became stronger, the tunnels often blowing away, and the centre donut, all 5ft of it, started to lift.

The donut shape is only on the top, this allows children to pop up in the centre like a whack-a-mole. The bottom is solid material. The wind treated the donut like a wind sock and the bottom like a kite. One gust had me catching it 3ft off the ground surprised by the pull it was giving. And this is where I wondered if it could be turned into a kite.

I then thought for a while…I have not managed to fly a kite so far this year. I have had kites with me; to fly. However, they seem to be jinxed. Every time I have taken them out to fly the wind dissipates to not even a gentle breeze. Even the last two kite shows I have been to had the kites on the floor rather than in the air. I find flying a kite relaxing, mine are not the stunt type, just the single line types, and a lifter kite for a gopro type camera. It’s like a poor mans drone for aerial shots.

In theory any way, I have not had the wind to try….


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