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Reflections 2018 w17

Today we went to a Field to Fork event, and the best part for me was my son in the Bubble Football.

The bubble football is well…this…


The child is strapped in to just about knee high and has handles to hold onto inside.I don’t know who enjoyed this the most, me or my son. We have waited for about a year to get a second chance at this game and rolling him fully over with his bright yellow minion wellies flailing in the air was worth the wait. At other times he would roll sidewards more like an egg than a ball and for the most part I was too busy laughing to help.

He enjoyed launching himself at me to bounce off my gut and he nearly had me over more than once. The balls are surprisingly heavy and most of the children could only take a few steps before rolling off in a somewhat haphazard direction. It reminded me of a TV program, that had adults in ridiculously oversized inflatable suits, from my childhood – It’s A Knockout.

I do not think we will be able to past these again without having to have another go.


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