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Reflections 2018 w15

Today the sun came out – enough to make my arms pink, a far cry from the sleet and snow we had a fortnight ago. April is going to be a yoyo month.

Having spent the afternoon in the warmth the sun, I came back in the house rather tired. The first rays of warm sunshine always knock me out and sap my energy, so I posit a hypothesis that one is conditioned by the environment one lives in.

When the sun comes out it dehydrates me, it burns my skin – leaving it dry and brittle.

The dehydration leaves me with a constant thirst.

I sweat a lot, creating a damp environment around my body (I know not pleasant).

I naturally seek shade.

I, on walks, have occasioned to soak ones feet in a river, stream, or lake.

Now lets look at my natural environment – Stoke on Trent.

We have on average 7-10 days of rain each month. However on the months of the Highest  average temperature we also have the Highest amount of rainfall. Cloudy days are not recorded. Rain/cloud cover is a good chunk of our weather system.

Therefore Stokies could quite possibly be Hydro-powered, and that is the reason for my energy sap when in the sun.

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