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Reflections…Week Fifty

canstockphoto8630797The presents are wrapped, finally. To say I have been putting it off would be an understatement. I don’t start wrapping presents till I have them all, and I only finished shopping this afternoon.

The last presents were not forgotten, and I was not waiting for a sale, I just was not able to get to the shop till today, and I reeeally did not want to go shopping today.

One thought it would be either dead, or rammed at the shop; I was hoping most would be too hungover to be there. Of course it was rammed, but not just by lonely men, wandering around aimlessly to grab their partners gift, mumbling to themselves about how there was nothing on the shelves suitable for a heartfelt gift for their loving partner. Instead it was just a normal shopping day for most, albeit a busy one.

Christmas lasts that long in the shops now it feels like it should have finished weeks ago, not instead, that it will shortly be time for little ones to wake, eagerly going to the tree to see what has been left there.

I know that whilst writing this, I have crossed the threshold of Christmas Day, but my mind is somehow rejecting the notion.

Maybe it’s the D&A mindset, but I think I have just been getting more and more numb to the event as it is dragged out over several months. I saw the last of the 2016 decorations in the shops for valentines day and the start this years stock in June/July. No other one day event has this long in the shops.

Even harder to imagine is that next week is the last of this years blogs! I set myself the goal to write the blogs for a year, every week, and I did it. The park blogs fell to the wayside when the poetry started, but that will be the target set for next year I think.

So this is me – writing my penultimate reflection blog for 2017 – wishing all who read this, a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or whatever you want to call it; I’m not a christian and I don’t really care!

Just have a Good day, whatever you do.


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