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Reflections…Week Forty One

canstockphoto8630797It may be time for big boy pants.

There has been very little happening this week, so like many an English gent before me, I shall complain about the weather.

I do not know what the blazes is going on this year but the weathers gone mad. One can fully understand how our predecessors thought the Gods were angry with them, with whats been going on, to be totally honest, I am beginning to wonder if they were right.

To top it all off it has coincided with the solar eclipse.

So – no sun, hurricane after hurricane after hurricane, tropical storms, more storms, red sun and a storm. Whats next frogs and locusts from the sky?

Did we ask for a sign they are upset?

Global warming is not happening, so it has to be something other than science, definitely the Gods.

Maybe it’s not the Gods, but rather one angry mother. She has given us clues as to what we are doing wrong, but we have ignored them, or made them worse, so now she is shaking us up.

Unfortunately the decision makers seem to have their heads firmly up their posteriors, making decisions that do not even seem to be making sense. So it up to all of us to make changes that will help the planet, because if we don’t, we will only have a rubbish tip to live on, if we have even that at all.

This has been my proverbial barber small talk session, weather to politics, I’m not a sports fan!

But it may be warming up next week, still warm enough for shorts?

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