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Without ‘Monster’… #poetry #poem

With my headphones on,
and the iPod charged.
I check in my wallet,
for my list prepared.

Music then selected,
a fast beat is the track.
This time I remembered,
spare bags in my backpack.

Trolley coin inserted,
fasten wont let go.
People now glance over,
putting on a show.

Trolleys they do clatter,
chain it makes us stop.
If released by magic,
I can start my shop.

I don’t want to be here,
So I will go round fast.
Memorised where items live,
so grab em on way past.

Why do people stand right there?
Block the isle and chat.
Don’t they have a cafe here?
Thats the place for that.

Would I like to go on past?
Why yes I think I would.
Why are you even asking me?
I’d pass you if I could.

I’ve done my shopping quickly,
I’m almost through the till.
Payment process just as quick,
card tap pays the bill.

Another shopping trip complete,
another trial is passed.
It never used to be this way,
twas simpler in the past.

But now my mind plays tricks with me,
and alters my perception.
Puts a danger everywhere,
I know not what’s deception.

So if you see me fly on by,
like if I’m on a slalom.
I do it not to be “How rude”
Bad day, I beg your pardon.

‘Monster’…Poem 1 of 2
A § M

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