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Reflections…Week Twenty Six

canstockphoto8630797There has been no poem published this week, not because one has failed to write one, truth be told I have done two, but because one was written for a competition and I have been told to enter the second when the category allows it.

The competition I wrote the first for was closed before I finished it, one gets confused with the way dates are backwards in the states. It could have been entered late; at a cost, but it will be kept until the next free one comes around.

What I found bewildering was the rules, the poem had to unpublished, including blog site, not entered into any other competition at the same time, and not a previous winner of a competition, all fair enough. However the closing date was for the end of June and the draw date the end of August, this year, but the poem had to abide by the unpublished rule until the end of March next year??? Whats that all about?

No publishing deal was on the cards for the winner, just a $100, so why the seven month after ban? Could you technically win and five months later be disqualified if you posted it on your blog? What do they do with it in those seven months? And if you don’t win are you still bound by the time period?

It could have been a one off, rules that where over cautious to that site, but it’s not. Even my local library has similar rules for a writing competition its holding. That one is for a short story, 350 words I think, one is entering, it will at least be a challenge to get exactly 350 words, let alone a beginning, middle and an end.

But I am going to have to also write, as a side note, the dates they have to be hidden until.

It makes no sense to me.

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