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Reflections…Week Twenty

canstockphoto8630797It has been a week since starting my brothers present, a week I wish had started earlier, his birthday fast approaches.

Now, if I had been happy with the colours, or rather shades thereof, I may have been at a more comfortable point for finishing for his birthday, but alas the background went to six coats and the foreground has gone to four, two original colour and two the lighter version, and has yet to be completed. I know the main subject is going to be painstakingly slow and hopefully only three coats in places.

But I am happy with the results at this stage, which is a good sign.

To throw a curveball into the mix, the poetry class started this week, I have heard before that this can be a very effective therapy, all I have to do is get the ‘Pam Ayers style’ as the only way of doing poetry out of my mind; that and limericks.

The class also comes with homework, not really compulsory but the therapy is in the doing rather than the listening as I understand it. For some reason I have just had to mind that I have not yet watched Dead Poets Society, odd in itself as it is a Robin Williams film, will have to rectify that.

The theme for next week to start with was heaven, the ‘teachers’ being chocolate, this bought inspiration for my subject matter, but was then changed, due to the subdued reaction, to –  loss of a person.  Cheery theme for week one, this week being the introduction as it were, no pressure!

Well I am not in a position to even try to open up that can of worms at the present, but I am willing to give the heaven one a go. Even try one of the metres I have read about.

What can possibly go wrong?


For a start, I have to concentrate on the painting to try and finish for Tuesday night, the poetry is on Wednesday morning, this leaves the time my meds start kicking in and the world goes dizzy left free, no time to even contemplate painting detailed work, I have tried painting in this state before – only to wake, look at the picture and go WTF.

I shall not be going down that rabbit hole again any time soon, well not with a paint brush.

But words???

That is not a rabbit hole not yet investigated…



Adventure awaits…


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