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Reflections…Week Seventeen

canstockphoto8630797Future Therapy???

Wednesday is a drop in day at one of the services I use, with one of the staff wanting a chat I was asked if I could pop in. The person to whom I was having a ‘chat’ with never got the chance to have it but the morning was not lost.

A new member was being signed in and shown what was what, I say ‘new’ member but she was a returning one after several years absence, and a lot of changes. The whole thing is informal in atmosphere, that is the purpose. The aim is to be able to get away for a little bit and just have a cuppa in a friendly environment, one that has support there if you need. Sometimes support comes in the simple form of a cup of tea and conversation, maybe even a laugh or two.

I wandered over and sat at the table with them, cup of tea in hand, an experimental one – a ‘relaxing infusion’, well that’s what it said on the box, containing cinnamon, liquorish and ‘catnip?‘ amongst a long list of other ingredients.  The reality was more what one would imagine the scrapings of a potpourri dish to taste like if boiling water was added. One tried to look composed whilst drinking it, though I doubt I did.

One was not relaxed after half a cup, nor the sink after the other half. Anyway back to the chat…

The new member was given a timetable, upon this was the day, time and place at which we were sat. “I’d like to do the poetry.” said the new member, the staff member looked at the timetable and said they used to do it but the chap that ran the session was no longer with the company which was a shame as it was popular… Long story short, they may have a replacement if the interest is there, the ‘replacement’ is going to be the last to find out about it.

Ones experience of writing poetry is limited to that from school and one session at group. At school it had to rhyme and I was limited at it, at best, limerick’s not being allowed, my favourite kind of poem at the time, due to their ‘rudeness’. The ‘I am” poem at group I did not see as a poem as such because it did not ‘fit’ into my taught parameters. Upon saying this to the staff member she said “No, that is not what poetry has to be, it’s about putting your emotions down onto paper!” 

One has no clue as to what she meant by that, classes will be required just to have that translated for me to comprehend it. Structure and form has been hammered in too much.

Clunky as it may be to start with, when/if the classes start, one will post any poetry written, not for the extra pressure but because of it. I believe that the extra pressure placed upon my writing, by doing the blogs, has made my writing better. Not only has it made me think about what and how I write but I believe it is a way to improve it further still.

Books written in the future will benefit from it I am sure.


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