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What’s in a Name?

canstockphoto8630797One is not usually known for one’s pronunciation of names, nor remembering them. Practice and new techniques has however placed the name retention to about 70%, 68% higher than before.

What I have never had, until this Monday, is a reaction to my correctly mirroring someones name, well, apart from the whole – really?? – as I muck it up. Native names, if there is even such a thing, are equally problematic as foreign.  And putting names to faces has gotten harder dependant upon stress levels. People can start looking very similar to others, kinda like the faces of non important background characters in video games, the permutations of the composites are limited.

The gentleman in question told me his name and then quickly told me his ‘English’ name, and that he did not mind which one I used. I have noticed before that Asians give two names, one presumes that the first is their birth name and the second is there for us, I am going to enquire about it with a support worker just to have clarification.

But back to point…I repeated his Birth name the same way as he spoke it, and he looked almost shocked, “you have said my name correctly” was repeated several times; the emphasis on the “said

I already knew that remembering someone’s name had a big impact upon the feelings of the remembered.

Apparently the way it is pronounced is also equally important, if not more so.


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