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Reflections…Week Sixteen

canstockphoto8630797Once again one has had the luxury of choice upon which to write about for this weeks reflections. This time one decided to do more than one. The hard part was deciding under which banner each blog would go.

The reflection for the week is… Telford Town Parks, Spring into the park 2017 with the Gruffallo. Together with my Son, Sister, Niece, Nephew and Nan (Mum), we headed off to the park for a nice day out.

The event was free (some cost on individual stalls) and the parking where we were was reasonable at £3.50, add a tenner on for the rather long route we took to get there and back, it still adds up to have been a cheap day out.

The weather at home when we started was not looking promising, Leo noticing that the cows on the journey where all lying down, Old wives tales tell of rain when the cows lie down, so we switched it- to they were all sunbathing. As it turned out that is what they could have been doing, one sits here glowing like a freshly cooked lobster. The irony that there is snow forecast next week forcing me to wrap up uncomfortably warm is not lost.

The park was busy, this normally would have been a problem, but with escape routes a plenty and the ability to step out of the crowd when needed, it was manageable. The headphones were only needed in the children play area, and not due to the children’s screeching, but rather a repetitive squeak on a see-saw that offset the children’s chaos with a rhythm, the conflict of both testing my minds ability to focus on reality. I got some strange looks, but Leo knows what the headphones are for, so no issues for us.

If you go to an event here expect ques on pretty much everything, especially the ‘real’ toilets, not so much on the portapotty’s. So if you want to take a tinkle – head up in advance. Word to the wise…there are multi levels, the shop, toilets and play areas are above the park event area. Doable with a wheelchair though.

We saw the Gruffallo, though it was less of a Gruffallo event than expected. We even saw the Gruffallo’s child running around at one point, a future Cosplayer in the making I think. A knight and dragon were wandering round the park, unrelated to the Gruffallo as far as one knows, but hats off for the chap in the dragon suit.

Dogs were a plenty  due to there being shows held and rosettes to be won. But the most unusual ‘pet’ to take out was the Owl, a stunning creature, who was a lot softer than one would have imagined.

We didn’t get to go around the woodland walk, nor the nature one, we will try them at a later date. Even without those we filled an afternoon+. Well worth going to an event here judging by the turnout, a lot seemed local.

One shall be going the kite festival next.




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