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Reflections…Week Fifteen

dscf1094The last week has been an explosion of growth.

Not for me personally , but for the veg seeds I planted a fortnight ago. There is something about growing your own food that is just so rewarding, whether it be simply cress to add to a salad or the salad itself.

Tomatoes are a great example of eating with your sense of smell, you cannot buy the same sensation as eating a tomato just picked off the plant, the aroma of the plant itself adds to it. Strawberries are never as sweet as those that are ‘seconds’ picked, ripened in the sun instead of on a container whilst being shipped.

For my son it is a roaming buffet later in the year, white strawberries, red strawberries, blueberries, tomatoes and peas straight from the pod, and that is just in the pots around the garden. I dare not take him a pick your own, he’d come away covered in juices with his stomach proudly protruding at the quantity of fruit he had just ate.

What I have growing in my bedroom window is destined for the allotment, my baby sweetcorn starting to stand proud, the peas however seem shy with only a few reaching for the sun. I took a risk with last years berlotti beans and soaked them over night in a jar of water before planting…wow, what a difference it has made compared to the control beans. They have come up looking twice as strong and will have to be potted on sooner than later.

I love beans and peas, they are easy to grow and have a high yield per square inch and need little care apart from support. I would like to grow a runner bean plant to its maximum, just to see how far it would reach, as I usually struggle to keep them at seven foot. The right mix of sun and rain will get yields that far outdo what family and friends can consume/store in their freezers, bags of the excess food goes to the salvation army to help those that rely on them for meals.

If you have never grown your own food, give it a go. Their is something primal about eating your own grown food.

You would be surprised at what can get grown on just a windowsill.


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