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Writing an “I AM” poem #poetry #poem

canstockphoto8630797This is something new for me, I had never heard of an “I AM” poem till group today, asked if I was putting it on my wall after the ‘leader’, for a want of a better word, read it to the group, I hesitated before saying “maybe”.
To be honest, I don’t think I have written a poem since school, a time long, long ago, I’m not sure if this even qualifies as a poem but here it is.

This is my “wall”.

I am…fractured.
I wonder…what is.
I hear…the wind.
I see…water flow.
I want…one mind.
I am …fractured.

I pretend…in front of others.
I feel…the weather outside.
I touch…my dog, Spot.
I worry…I am not heard.
I cry…often.
I am…fractured.

I understand…all I have learnt.
I say…what is required.
I dream…of my life to be.
I try…to get there.
I hope because, it is all that is left.
I am…clambering out of the river, battered, bruised, unsure of my location, cold and afraid; but alive.

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