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Reflections…Week Eight

canstockphoto8630797Time to sort out my computer files, backup and clear out.

All I want to do now is clear off.

I have been slowly building my website, and now I feel that it is time to place my artwork onto it, hence the need to sort out my files. And boy do they need sorting!

Somewhere over the years, copies have been made as backups, and then the same copies have been made again, under a different folder name. Photos, and I take a lot of photos, have multiple duplicates,  the early artwork, well, I have yet to find those photographs. I have come to the conclusion that this is going to take days, thankfully the journey into digital photography for art subjects started in 2013, but I am not only sorting. For some inexplicable reason my brain thought it would be a good idea to catalogue them into sub headings as well. I will sub – subsection them later, this will be especially helpful for rocks and trees – big, small, bare etc, etc…

Having had a laptop fail before, my data is on external hard drives, several in fact, these too have there own purpose, one large one for all, and some smaller ones that are more portable and dedicated to a specific storage, photos, music and alike. They are also formatted to windows, to ‘pair’ to my old dis-functional laptop, that always wants to do an update for half an hour, each time I switch it on. I am now on an apple computer, the two don’t mix.

It was supposed to go like this:-

  • Update the computer, wait, have a cup of tea.
  • Clear all available space on the laptop, slowly.
  • Transfer data from the external hard drives to the computer, again slowly.
  • Transfer from the computer to the mac. By this time you should have worked out that this is slowly.
  • Clear all available space on the laptop.
  • Transfer data from the external hard drives to the computer, repeat the process until all data transferred.
  • Reformat the drive to work with the mac.
  • Sort out on the mac.


The data on the large drive exceeded the capacity of my available storage.

What to do?

I could not afford another drive and the value of my nectar points reach only half of the cost.

Cloud drives, I could get some space for free, just for signing up to a couple of things, sorted.

  • Uploading to the cloud is slow! well it is with my laptop.

Enough space yay!

Now whats gone where?

And why didn’t I use a pen and paper to keep track?

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