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fullsizeoutput_12fSome times you start a new hobby and the first month is the most intense, only to start wavering when it did not pan out how you imagined. My first month has passed and I have spent an hour on doing it, but several prepping for it, I bought secondhand, so there has been cleaning to do.

My hobby…Astronomy, with telescopes.

What have I seen through them? Clouds, lots and lots of clouds, with the occasional glimpse of the night sky.

When I was a wee nipper, I had a telescope, only a cheep one, nothing fancy. I also remember how disappointing it was, I could see the moon and that was about it. As a sci-fi fan, that started about the same age, I wanted to look up and spot the UFO’s, Mars, Saturn and Venus, the things that were on the films, and the only thing that I could see was the moon and not much detail at that.

That telescope sat for years on top of a shelf, Unused. I think it went to a car boot sale in the end. My eyes however always wandered the sky, especially when on holiday where there are infinitesimally more. Nothing more than a couple of constellations were leant though.

So what bought back the urge to start looking up again? An old Sky at Night video with Sir Patrick Moore. Took me right back to my childhood.

After a couple of weeks research I decided on a size and type along with a budget. Ebay was scanned, and a bargain was gotten. Only when I got it home the bargain was…Not so much.

I bought a 130mm diameter reflector and travelled a 100 miles, in total, to fetch it. Not having one before it looked BIG, and the info sticker was not on it. But having downloaded the manual, which covered a few models, it started to look wrong. Upon measuring it is the 114mm model. Emails back and forth a partial refund was had. When I resell it I will get my money back and it is still bigger than my 76mm table top reflector I bought from my brother in law, to use with my son, and get two compatible lenses. I will have a better idea on what my next size will be with using both.

On the walks with Spot, the moon has been shining down, including a full moon and the stars have been bright the week either side of the New Moon. I get back home eager to find out if I have set up the telescopes correctly only to stare out of the window at mist, rain and clouds. It is as if someone has access to a weather switch and is winding me up.

And so my first month…Peek-a-boo with the moon.

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