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Lyme Valley Park

This park has become part of regular walk for me and Spot now, whether it be the main destination or just an inclusion into a larger walk.

The walk around the park is tarmac, thus making it an all weather walkway. Add to this the fact that it is relatively sheltered from the wind, or at least that is my reflection of our walks, it makes it a great destination for winter.

There is a skateboard park and a, what in my  youth  was called, a BMX track, as well as a play park. Scattered along one section of the walk are pieces of exercise equipment, this was part of the parks regeneration project of 2009 I believe, in an attempt by the council to get more people exercising.

How they work is simple, you supply the power and through levers you supply the weight for the strength equipment, pivot points and bearings are the working components of the cardio. I will try them later in the year, I don’t particularly fancy starting when my butt can freeze on them.

Half of the walk is along the Lyme Brook, a tributary stream of the river Trent, a lot of work has been done to encourage the return in numbers of the Brown Trout, including the creation of areas where the trout can lay eggs. I have yet to spot any fish apart from the ones I have witnessed the resident Kingfisher catch. No photo has of yet been taken of said Kingfisher, as he appears to be very camera shy, each time I take the camera with me he is nowhere to be seen, but is willing to join me on a section of walk when it is absent. I never get tired of looking for the neon blue flash of colour as he darts from branch to branch looking for his next meal.

The rough figure of eight loop was is about 1.5 miles (2.6km) and if the A34 carpark is used there is a hill section to start your heart pumping straight over the little bridge. I believe it leads to Buckmaster ave.

Even though the park is along a busy stretch of road the traffic noise is not that great, usually the bird sounds will pleasantly sing over it. The carpark opposite the Hospital, A34, is usually quite busy but the one off Brook Lane is quieter.

Overall a pleasant little park that has paths relatively flat for the majority of the park, thus is suitable for wheelchairs.

A great little escape from the Hospital for lunch if you are able.

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