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Reflections…Week Three

img_1007Normally one does not look for inspiration to write a blog piece, it just comes on a whim, but when writing on a weekly basis, one has to find it. Not this week, this week has a surplus of ideas to write about.

Hot topic of the week…website building! Hot and bothered.

I had an idea of what I wanted, and just like my blogs often are, the first one , nay two, have been lovingly put together; only to be unceremoniously scrapped. The web site creator that I was using first looked basic but did the job, right up to the point of using my domain name that I have paid for. It was that much of a hassle to get nowhere, I have changed creators and am nearly in a position to launch with my domain name, fingers crossed.

Why a web site?  Well, the plan is to link all my creative ideas into one accessible hub. There will be folders and subfolders and maybe subfolders of the subfolders, but with an easy to use menu and clear layout, anyone should be able to hop skip and a jump to any piece quickly and easily. I personally think that a ‘what is this about’ for each category would be nice.

Do I plan to pay a chunk load of cash for a site that may not get much traffic? No! I will cleverly use links to sites, like this one, for the subject matter with a link to return to the same website menu whence left.

YouTube can and has been used for podcasts, some with a slide show to add to the video effect, not quite a powerpoint presentation, but close. Does it work? Yes, but it is not the best platform to use. I have seen blog posts for photographs and links to youtube but they all have the same problem, the long single page to scroll through. Yes, the latest blog is at the top, but if I just found you and you have been active for a couple of years – thats a lot of blogs to go through to find a subject I may not know I wanted to learn about. But the subjects own page on a website and a brief description, I can start reading/viewing at my leisure with the content on sites that are created specifically for a that media being chosen i.e…Blog – blog site, video – youtube, art – something like deviantart and so forth.

That is my aim to start. Who knows what it could grow to? It could lead to me selling my Art, or it could lead to selling of a book  or a combination of both. Or it could lead to selling socks. But if I never start walking down a path, I will never get anywhere.

And who is to say if it will be a success? No one, if I/you never try and If the path of free was chosen, what is there to loose?

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