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Do you see what I see?

canstockphoto8630797Reality is ones perception of ones surroundings.

Writing is ones communication of ones reality.

Therefore, as I ponder the words I type right now, including the ones that have been deleted, the goal is to convey through text, my current, past or induced state. By induced I mean  the state of mind I wish to be in, i.e. happiness. I try to emulate the feeling as to accurately place the corresponding words into a sentence for others to read.

Others, being you, and by purpose no relatives or friends.

Others , that not knowing me, will have to be given enough of my perception of events as to connect on a personal level of some sort.

But is that even possible?

I am not saying hard facts cannot draw the same conclusions, the apple was green and tasted bitter, or, we slept on the hard concrete floor. We are all taught that concrete is hard, and what to express when we have a certain taste, bitter vs sweet. Taught also is the expression of outside forces, wet, dry, hot, cold, to name but a few. There may be differences that vary from nationality to nationality, but there will be a core amount of common understood expressions.

What I am asking is, can I really convey my sense of reality to others if only I perceive it. Will you not be perceiving your own understanding from reading this in your own perception, drawing from your experiences.

Fire burns, its hot and very painful.

We are not only told this over and over again as children, we at some time have to experience it. The memory may not be recallable, but deep down it is understood.

Was your pain exactly the same as mine?

No matter how hard I try to convey my pain across to you via words, you will only feel your pain, your memory, your perception.

So that then begs the question, do I try to communicate MY reality when writing, or am I simply trying to write yours?

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